Check out this student who made Kim Kardashian his master’s degree project #Kimthesis


Imagine going to your University project supervisor in Nigeria to announce that Kim Kardashian would be your project Topic- He would probably assume you have been drinking.

Well, in a more tolerant part of the world Coderro McMurry from Northern Arizona University in the United States wrote his master’s thesis on Kim Kardashian. He tweeted – After taking an extra year, 68 pages, long nights & early mornings, I finally graduated with my Master’s degree!

Kim retweeted his post and asked for a copy

Coderro is wrapping up his  master’s program at the Northern Arizona university, he has interests in arts and pop culture

He spoke to Cosmopolitan magazine, and according to him he is I’m hoping to get a reporter job somewhere. My ultimate dream job clearly is working at E! News being a host. If I could just get a foot in the door, somewhere, doing entertainment news, my life is totally complete.

Writing about Kim Kardashian is probably a gamble to get noticed by the entertainment network. McMurry is clearly high-flyer,  he presently works at North Arizona University TV where he snagged an Emmy award for something school related


Kim Kardashian definitely deserves a thesis of her own- reality Star, millionaire business Mogul, social media powerhouse- she is one of the world’s highest paid Instagram models not to mention producer of her own reality show glam masters. #Don’t hate#appreciate

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