Chadwick Boseman is dead!- (Details)

Shocking right, He just feels like one of those people that are not supposed to die. According to close family members he has battled Stage three Colon cancer for over four years after being diagnosed in 2016

A few Months earlier Chadwick Bose man’s fans were shocked at his significantly slimmer frame on Instagram Live .

He went live on Instagram in support of a campaign to donate $4.2million in personal protective equipment to hospitals serving African-American communities hit the hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic.

His rather slender frame had fans worried about his health, while others speculated he could be loosing weight for a movie role

He also got trolled and called a crackhead, for loosing so much weight, some assumed he was on drugs. He got cyber bullied until he had to turn off his comments. Little did they know he was silently battling Chemotherapy and Cancer.

Do you remember Beyonce’s song- “I was here”

A song about leaving your mark in the world before moving on. well, lets just say thats exactly what Chadwick Boseman did

He filmed Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Marshall, two Avengers movies, 21 Bridges, and Da 5 Bloods after he was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

He knew he had a short time but he did not let cancer stop him. he kept going, kept fighting.

It will seem he had a very quiet wedding with his girlfriend shortly before his death. In 2019, his engagement to Taylor Simone Ledward  went public, they planned for a wedding later this year. but according to official press release by his family, he died at home with his wife by his meaning a quick and short wedding must have taken place as his condition deteriorated

Below is his last public appearance with his Wife

Wakanda Forever! He has made his mark in the world, and many generations of black kids will know his name.

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