Cee-C Spartans versus Tacha Army- A clear message from Nigerian women

Cee-C from Big brother double Wahala and Tacha from the new edition of Pepperdem gang share a lot in common- they have been called rude, badly behaved and arrogant.

Cee-C was the doubleWahala in previous BBnaija

The drama between Cee-C and Tobi in the Big brother Double Wahala took a dramatic turn when Tobi eventually left Cee-C and started hanging with Alex, Infact Tobi even joined Alex and the rest of the house mates who hated Cee-C in putting her up for eviction

Broken and bitter because she apparently still loved Tobi and felt betrayed by him- CeeC resorted to name calling and abuses.

Infact on one particular day she insulted Tobi for two straight hours  – Cee-C called him useless, shameless, f**boy and every insults that you could imagine. Everyone assumed that was the end of the road for Cee-C. She was definitely going to be evicted.

Then voting results came in- and Cee shocked everyone by polling well


Big brother Pepper dem gang has a Cee-C lookalike- Tacha

She keeps talking about how she became famous on Instagram, this got fellow housemate Mike irked, he confronted her that she cannot call herself “Self-made” but still take handouts from men- this led to an argument and bad-blood between them.

Tempers flared between them after Friday night party- She threw a hanky at his face and insulted him calling him stupid. Nigerians on social media were upset, time to get her out of the house.

Then voting results came in…

Cee-C is bad, Tacha is terrible, but who is voting them?

The silent Majority who has had enough of being judged.

Keep quiet, you are a girl.

Stop shouting you are a woman.

women are seen not heard.

In times of crisis its the Woman job to keep calm.

Tolerate the cheating man, he would come back.

Don’t be too loud – you will scare him away.

Its the woman that keeps the home .

with the right attitude, a man will adore you

says Nigerian society to every woman

Nigerians women want to be loosed- they are tired of boundaries and norms they need to conform to. Do they always agree with the CeeC(s) and Tacha(s)- probably not.

But Cee-C and Tacha reminds Nigerian women of every time they have been judged harshly for making a mistake, for every-time they were victimized for not reaching an acceptable standard of behavior.

Cee-c is rude…..Tacha talks anyhow……Tacha is badly behaved…. The silent majority would vote again and again and again; because they can relate.

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