Cardi B just got a surprise new ride from her husband Offset – but there is more to it

She shared the good news with her Instagram Fans – How sweet.  According to her she was supposed to be in LA, then she got a call that there was some emergency with Offset and she really needed to be at Atlanta.

She arrived to find her surprise- as expected, she was pleasantly surprised- But also upset they caused her to panic. “I have been praying for the last two hours to every religion there is , I hope this Nigga is OK, why is no one answering my calls, I don’t wanna raise my baby by myself”


A surprise gift or product placement well delivered;

The car looks like the newly released Lamborghini Urus, a supercar crossed with an SUV. The SUV powered with a V8 engine has just been released into the market. There is presently an all-out PR campaign promoting the new SUV

Now we know Cardi already has a Lambo

So this really isn’t much of a big deal, it’s definitely product placement done smartly to promote the new Lambo truck, this surprise was agreed in the board room, and my guess is money and a free ride exchanged hands.

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