Cardi B is done with Offset- here’s a look back at some cheating rumors that may have wreaked their marriage


Cardi B just posted a video that would make Bardi haters happy and lovers simply sad for her situation- watch

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There you go..peace and love

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It must have taken a lot of courage and strength to come to this decision, her relationship was constantly plagued by cheating rumors

The sex tape scandal

In Dec of 2017, few months after he proposed to Cardi B, A sex tape of Offset and a woman was leaked. Apparently someone hacked into his i cloud and leaked his personal videos- including some videos of Cardi naked.

Few weeks later, early January 2018 yet another sex tape with a different woman was leaked on twitter.  Cardi’s fans were pissed, they insisted she should leave offset. through it all, Cardi stood by her man

Cardi defended her decision to stay with him.

Later in the year, she released be “careful with me”– but said it had nothing to do with her philandering husband

Offset’s side chick Jade Slams Cardi B a million dollar lawsuit

Again while Cardi was heavily pregnant, offset was accused of sleeping with a lady called Jade- she was a bar tender in a strip club at NY queens.
Cardi ordered her thugs to beat Jade up. It backfired. Now Jade the stripper has filed a law suit against Cardi – trying to milk her for millions of dollars. They are both presently in court.

Offset trying to get a threesome with another female rapper may have triggered Cardi to breakup with him

MTO reported that Cardi’s husband Offset was trying to have a threesome with a female rapper Cuban doll and her friends. This rapper “Cuban doll”  is also  friends with Cardi B. The lady who leaked the story had some receipts – read more on MTO Offset tries to have a threesome with Cuban Doll

I have a feeling we are in for another makeup and break up and makeup and breakup…. till they are done. Offset is a dog…woof.

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