Canadian black Woman accused of stealing at an Old navy store

I had to share this …

A black lady named Lisa Calderon was accused of stealing the shirt she wore into a store – An old navy store at Ontario Canada.

One of the attendants chased her down after she had left the store and accused her of stealing the T.shirt she was wearing because she still she had her label on it, the store attendant demanded to see her receipts.

As expected Lisa the black lady was mad and indignant at an apparent racial profiling- but the white store keeper held her hands and refused to let her go, insisting they must return together to the Old Navy Store to check out their Camera(s) and confirm that she did not steal the top she was wearing .

Things naturally got out of hand, law suits have been filed, Old Navy has apologized, people have been fired…

To cut long stories short, Just watch the video

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