Can PDP’s leading men save Nigeria? – inside their corruption baggage


There are very few leaders in the country whom their actions give us a sense of hope, that maybe the Nigeria of our dreams would happen in our life time. Leaders like Late Dora Akunyili (NAFDAC), Fashola & maybe sometimes Osibanjo when Buhari is away

The general consensus is that the present administration has failed us, and everyone is hopefully looking forward to the next election- We know PDP is probably the only political party that can muscle power away from Buhari.

But can any of their leading men save the country?


In 2004,  the then President Bush barred Atiku and other corrupt politically exposed persons from being issued visa to the United States (according to multiple reports)

Its alleged that during his tenure as VP of Nigeria he wired millions of dollars to America through his fourth wife Jennifer Douglas. He was also involved a high level bribery scandal that implicated  a former US Legislator. The former congress man William J. Jefferson  was arrested for 5 years only released last year in 2017.

Locally, Atiku  is revered as  a savvy business man- he is into real estate, agriculture and he also owns a university; but he has been accused of leveraging his position as vice president to enrich himself and gain controlling shares in key companies.

He was also  accused of diverting about 125 million Petroleum Trust Development Fund for his private use

 Baggage claim- Very heavy on corruption (allegedly)

Bukola Saraki

Saraki is campaigning with the “Grow-Nigeria” tagline but is yet to grow is home state Kwara- he was Governor for eight years, before going ahead to serve as Senator. This explains why his people attempted to stone him on multiple occasions in Kwara state.

I find it funny that Saraki who served as senate president under the Buhari administration is attempting to disassociate himself from the failures of the present administration

Its seems to me he spent the past three years serving his interest , he betrayed his party emerged senate president, sided with opposition and later defected to PDP. lets not even get started on all the corruption charges trailing him.

I see a man desperate to cling to power- he did not just betray the APC, he also betrayed his father and sister in Kwara state politics.

Baggage claim- (Heavy on corruption, cannot be trusted…allegedly) 

3)  Kwankwaso:

He has a cult following of youths, the  Kwankwasiya movement,  He appears to be the most formidable candidate that can defeat Buhari in the North.

He does not really have that much baggage trailing him-  except an alleged diversion of local government funds. In the petition dated May 27, 2015, Senator Kwankwaso was said to have received contributions of N70 million from each of the 44 local government councils (totaling N3.08 billion) towards his presidential primaries in 2015

Baggage claim: (He travels light)

4) Tambuwal

He is a former Speaker of House of Representatives and the sitting Governor of Sokoto State. He defected from APC to PDP in 2014 and is now back in the PDP. He enjoys the support of Nyesom Wike, who is currently the party’s biggest financier.

He has been described by many as being weak, without clout, but none can pin any corruption allegation against him

Baggage claim- None that we know of 


None of the PDP leading figures would take us to the promised land (my Opinion). Tambuwal and Kwankwaso may have little or no corruption ties to their name, but what do they really stand for? what are they passionate about? – I don’t know. at least Saraki is pretending he wants to grow Nigeria, these two (Tambuwal and Kwankwaso)  am lost.

Thanks for reading, argue with yourselves.

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