BurnaBoy’s anticipated concert is shaking up politics & entertainment in South Africa- Here’s whats happening right now

Most of us already kind of know the background story, Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in south Africa, triggered BurnaBoy to post this…

A month later ….

It was announced that Burna would headline the Africans unite concert alongside South Africa’s Kwesta and Jidenna, the idea was a unification concert to forge peace. He also promised to donate some of his earnings to victims of the xenophobic attacks.

Its not clear what got most people in South Africa really triggered- the fact that he was headlining the concert, the fact he reminding them of their past xenophobic activities- what ever the story, it got ugly really fast

A Group of South African Artist known under the banner of “Tshwane collective” wrote an open letter to the Minister of Arts and culture with regards to Burna boy’s performance.

They were questioning the “funding model” for the event, why should they fund a foreign artist to come to their country while the local artists fight very hard to receive funding from the government. play makers is a Nigerian company putting the event together while BurnaBoy a Nigerian artist

They need South African government to draw the line in protecting local talents, rather than spending tax payers funds sponsoring foreign artists- especially not Burnaboy who called them out viciously during the xenophobic attacks

The South African Department of Arts and culture denied sponsoring the concert. they also claimed they are not involved in the concert but their Logo was erroneously used.

The event organizers play-makers network wrote a rebuttal to the south Africa department of arts and Culture telling them that even though the event is not state sponsored, their logos were not erroneously used but had their full endorsement

Politically, BurnaBoy is also shaking tables. he got an endorsement from South Africa’s radical and pro black politician Julius Malema who had made it clear on numerous occasions that Africa should have open borders.

But this endorsement is threatening to cost Julius Malema some votes come the next election

South African entertainment scene is also generally shaken up, AKA has demanded an apology from BurnaBoy for his previous tweets condemning xenophobic attacks against Nigerians


But wait, not everyone in South Africa agrees with AKA, below one of South Africa’s social commentators has some strong words for him.

As the drama rages on, Burna Boy stays winning- twitter mentions, increased google searches and free press across south Africa’s prominent TV and radio stations.

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