Black man shot in the back 7 times by American police – in front of his 3 kids

Justice for George Floyd has quickly become Justice for Jacob Blake, Guess America has its own never ending problems. The full details of the story is not clear at this point, but here is what we know

1) Jacob Blake was shot by police in Wisconsin seven times at the back at close range while attempting to walk away from them- (7 SHOTS while holding his shirt) – do they really think their guns are toys though?

2) The Officers involved in the shooting responded to a 911 call to break up a domestic altercation.

Its not clear at this point what Jacob’s Blake role was in the altercation but eye witness claim he stopped his car to break up a fight between two women

3) The Wisconsin Police arrived at the scene of the shooting in response to a 911 call, they immediately assumed he was a suspect, then they tazered him.

But as he stood up to get into his car ignoring them, he was shot at the back

4)Eye witness account has confirmed that three of his kids were inside the vehicle during the shooting

(I dont know though, but those gun shots will ring in their ears forever)

5) According to a report released by the Wisconsin police department, officers provided immediate first aid to the man, who was subsequently transported to the hospital


6) A close relative of the victim just confirmed that he is still alive and stable

7) Apparently, the police in the County where the shooting took place does not wear body Camera(s) so it might not be possible to get a different angle of the story

County Board Supervisor Zach Rodriguez who arrived at the scene along with more police vehicles said the whole incident highlights the need for officers to wear body cameras . He pointed out that the City Officers and Sheriff’s deputies do not wear body cameras.

8) Jacob Blake’s criminal record is circulating in America’s right winged and pro All lives matter group

They exposed he has an active arrest warrant, with three charges relating to domestic abuse, including 3rd degree sexual assault. (maybe they are low-key saying he deserves to die? not clear exactly the objective here though)

9) Home address and details of the police man who shot him is circulating online

The city of Wisconsin and the County of Kenosha has declared a state of Emergency & hence a Curfew until 7am, but it seems no one is paying attention.

10) And here we go again…. (another George Floyd moment)

Hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets , Rocks and bricks have been thrown, police vehicles are being burnt down. shops are being looted….Same old story, a different victim.

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