Black girl magic- Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green finds a no side effect cure for cancer


“If there was something I was born to do, maybe this was it, if other people were going to do it, it would have been done already”- Dr Hadiya- Nicole Green

Cancer treatment (chemotherapy) is horrifying, in killing the cancer cells, it also kills healthy cells living the patient sick to the point of death

A new precision Treatment:

Dr Hadiya green developed a treatment for cancers using lasers and nano technology.  A 10 minute treatment in mice was observed  to eliminate and dry out cancer tumors in 15 days.

Her treatment precisely targets the cancer only, takes  less time and leaves little or no side effects.

The fight for cancer was a personal one, the disease devastated her family

Her aunt who raised her when she was orphaned at the age of  4 explained to her she had what was called women’s cancer (ovarian/ cervical cancer) but she chose to die than experience the side effects of chemo treatment. Dr Hadiya Green nursed her aunt until she died.

3 months after she lost her aunt, her uncle who raised her was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He decided to go through chemotherapy and she saw first-hand the horrors of cancer treatment.

She watched him lose weight, his hair and eyelashes fell out, his nails turned black. In her words he went from a beautiful chocolate to barbecue burnt. He survived and died 10 years later

She decided there had to be a better way to threat cancer

According to her, cancer can be cured if there was so much precision to making a call to one cell phone in a room full of people. A satellite in outer space could see if a diamond on the ground was face up or face down.

If these were possible, it then becomes unacceptable to threat cancer without wreaking the entire body

Already a student of physics, she decided to further her education up to PHD level in physics to get the required training for her life mission.

When it was time for her PHD project, she chose cancer research using lasers. She had funding from national science institute and went all out . she spent five years at the comprehensive cancer center and one full year at the pathology center at the university of Alabama

Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation,

To get her product into the hospitals and start human treatment she needs funding worth millions of dollars. Her foundation was named after her late aunt Ora Lee

Thousands of cancer patients who have been sent home to die have contacted her foundation, but human testing is yet to be approved, still needs to go through so many procedures first.

She is the first African American woman to earn a PHD in physics from the University of Alabama. She has also won numerous recognition & awards. Black girls rock!

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