Blac Chyna’s Chaotic 2019- one month of uncapped drama (see videos, fights and police visits)



Controversy trails Blac Chyna she just cannot help it, she even fought in Nigeria while launching her bleaching cream. In January 2019, she really brought the drama

1 She got into an altercation with fellow Instagram model Alexis sky over Rob Kardashian.

Alexis Sky is also a stripper, a club girl, with huge red tattoos.  Sky alleged that Blac Chyna threw some drinks at her while they were at the club and physically attacked her asking her to leave the VIP section. The shade room released receipts of the fight

Alexis sky tried to fight back and was thrown out of the club. She was seen waiting for Blac Chyna outside the club to give her a good beat down. The fight is connected to the fact the Rob Kardashian(Blac Chyna’s ex)  and Alexis were openly flirting on Instagram

2)  Law enforcement agencies visits her home following an anonymous tipoff

The caller claimed Chyna was in such bad shape, she couldn’t properly care for her daughter,  Cops went to Chyna’s house and determined everything was fine, nobody was drunk, and Dream was being properly cared for. There was also a nanny at the home.

Sources close to the situation claimed that earlier in the night, Chyna got in a fight with a member of her glam team and the incident may have triggered the call to cops.

3) Law enforcement agents escort Blac Chyna’s makeup artist to pick up her stuff the next morning

The morning after sources told TMZ that the police returned a second time … this time around, to assist the makeup artist in picking up make up items she left behind at Chyna’s house without any drama.

4) MIA when she is supposed to be taking care of her daughter Dream Kardashian

She disappeared when she was supposed to be with her baby dream and this made baby daddy Rob Kardashian really upset he had to talk with his lawyers.  It was only discovered she was in Hawaii on vacation with her boyfriend Kid buu

We’re told Chyna insists at least one of her nannies was at her L.A. home, and If Rob would’ve just texted or gone there and knocked on the door … he could’ve left the baby with Chyna’s employee — something she says he’s done before.

5) Party hard…dont care!

In Hawaii, she and her crew stayed at the prestigious Ritz Carlton hotel. “They hung out by the pool, partied and were loud. They are not the typical hotel guests. They were definitely being inappropriate in several ways. The girls were showing nipples, they were twerking and just being obnoxious. Hotel management had complaints, because there were families with kids that didn’t like the way they behaved.”

6) Chyna gets into a fight with boyfriend Kid Buu:

Cops and paramedics rushed to a Honolulu hotel Monday after Chyna and current boyfriend Kid Buu got into a violent argument. She allegedly scratched him, and he  threw her against a wall and choked her.

Check out images of police cars that came out because Blac Chyna lodged at Ritz Carlton. #Dramaqueen







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