BBN Naija Road to the finals ; view our top 6 finalist – yea or nay?

Big brother Naija has taken the country hostage. So we had to join the party (FOMO)

After days of enjoying the show, it’s safe to guess who we could be seeing at the finals

Miracle and Nina (mina)

They are clearly in love or lust for each other – if you watch the show, you have to admit its infectious u can feel it.

As a couple, they go to through relatable moments; sometimes they are love struck, at other occasions they are having  disagreements, then they kiss and makeup.  They are interesting to watch.

Today they had a really long dispute, she was completely distraught with the new pairing arrangement. Miracle was paired with another female house mate Anto as his new strategic partner.

Miracle did everything he could to console Mina and as usual they kissed and made up.  But from the senseless little fights they have had all day today, it’s clear she has not quite gotten over it.

To make matters worse, Miracle is now the new head of house and has a master suite he is allowed to share with only Anto.

Nina inspite of her bickering with Miracle has gotten close to Anto- a smart move to stay close to her man.

If I am wrong I can kneel down and say I am sorry, but if I am right, I would not come to you – Miracle

Next time you doing something annoying I would count it for you- Nina

Why do you like talking off point- Miracle?

Just admit it, just say your annoying – Nina.

And so they go on and on but bottom line is their interest in settling this dispute as quickly as possible

Why they may win: Nigerians would want to keep seeing them, not just for their genuine show of affection but at night under the sheets.

Cee-C and Tobi:

Cee- C and Tobi’s love has played out like super story. If Miracle and Nina are passionately in love. Cee- C and Tobi have a toxic love or infatuation for each other.

That type of love your parents would not approve of.

Nigerians on social media are dragging Cee- C for being so mean, possessive and refusing Tobi even a kiss.

They are also dragging Tobi for a being so weak and trying too hard to please Cee-C-.

Like we know, between Cee-C & Tobi, the script changed so fast in the last few days, even Steven Spielberg would be jealous.

It started with a passionate kiss, then more kisses, then some strong action under the sheets.


The table turned again. Cee-C complained Tobi touched her inappropriately. Tobi taught it was too much a threat to make and he got really upset with her.

Cee-C apologised but it was too late. Tobi walked out on her more than once.

Now the both of them are in the house pretending they don’t know each other exist. They have also taken their grief outside talking to literally anyone who cares to listen

Back on social media, everyone has said that Tobi’s Yoruba demons are out. Social media also collectively agree that Cee-C is jealous, badly behaved, a nag and therefore has to go

But you know what?

I would be shocked if Nigerians make good their threat and show Cee-C the door.

She and Tobi creates a really good show. And if you are thinking what I am thinking- then it’s good to see what happens next between these two.

Bam-Bam & Teddy A;

These two have displayed a lot of maturity as a couple and as individuals.

They don’t have drama like Nina & miracle or Cece & Tobi, there union is simply sweet and gentle.

Nigerians are also in love with these couple. Especially Teddy A because they like his humility, the fact that he does not brag.

That’s our prediction; do you agree or disagree- comments down below



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