Beyonce’s new pro black image & fighting for Afro communities (picture story)

Beyonce released new music “Black parade” in support of the black culture.

Its just good vibes and a celebration of blackness to uplift the community during the trying times. the sales proceeds will go to BeyGOOD’s Black Business Impact Fund.

She referenced Africa in many ways – “Oshun Energy” “Waist Bands from Yoruba!” she also endorsed slavery reparations (2:45)

Black parade was released on Juneteenth weekend, A black American holiday marking the official end of slavery in 1865

She did not just release new music, she posted a directory of black businesses on her page

Beyonce has always found subtle ways of pushing black folks to grind, hustle and own their dreams , if you remember her lyrics from formation- You always stay gracious the best revenge is your paper

Few days ago she also quoted another motivational line on website – Black excellence is a form of protest .

She then posted a catalog of successful black owned business. Many people literally woke up from sleep to find themselves featured on her website.

On another note, she is actively pushing for justice for George Floyd and many other victims of police brutality. She wrote an open letter to the Attorney General handling the killing of Breonna Taylor calling for the arrest of the police officers involved in her murder

Beyonce the activist was unveiled in 2016

Everything was going “bootylicious” and just good, until beyonce released Formation and made it clear- “bitch I am black “ (My daddy Alabama, momma Louisiana You mix that negro with that Creole, make a Texas Bama).

She followed up with a performance at the Superbowl that generated a lot of controversy- ( her backup singers were dressed like the black panthers, a female activist group from the civil rights movement)

And lets just say she has stayed on her blackness ever since

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