Beyonce for rapper of the year? Bey & Jay has released a surprise joint album (Check out promo video)

Its 2018, the world literally lives on  social media, yet Beyoncé can still pull a surprise album with No leaks, no promo, no spills, and no nothing. Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z released a joint album, “Everything Is Love,”  exclusively on his Tidal streaming service.
Beyoncé announced the album on Saturday night as she and hubby Jay Z concluded their “On the Run II” tour in London. Fans had been very critical of Beyoncé’s tour because there were no new releases, no new songs same dance routines.

About the Album; the first video has been shared on her website and Instagram page; it’s titled “Ape S**t,” watch below and let’s talk.

Beyoncé is officially my favorite singer, dancer and yes rapper- She has all the Infinity stones!
According to reports, she and Hubby shut down the Paris Louvre to shoot the video. It’s one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations.
Award Season this year is going to be Lite; Beyoncé in the same category with Cardi B and Kanye for rap song of the year. And oh, there is also Daytona and NAS
“Everything is love” is a nine track album and has no features- strictly Beyoncé and Jay Z and a voice over from Blue Ivy

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