Apple Face Time crisis: Modern devices are definitely spying on us (iphones, Samsung TV and More)


Why do I feel like this apple bug is a secret spy tool that leaked into mainstream, I mean it definitely was coded by someone for a purpose?

A major bug has been discovered in iOS that lets a caller hear and see a person on the other end of a FaceTime call before the call has been answered

 The bug is simple to exploit. First, you call someone on FaceTime. Next, before they answer, swipe up and add yourself to the call. That’s it. You can hear through the person’s phone, all without them answering the call.

Interestingly, the person on the other end of this test call could also hear you, so its both ways. The solutions are to deactivate face-time all together and put a sticker in the front facing camera

Modern technology has been spying on us for a pretty long time, I mean where do we start

Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed how the company mines our data and sells to companies – that means we are the product, and the data we give to the social network makes them money

How about the Samsung Smart TV scandal revealed by WikiLeaks;

According to the expose Smart TV owners are particularly vulnerable to spying. published documents exposed a program called “Weeping Angel,” an attack designed by the CIA and United Kingdom’s MI5/BTSS that makes Samsung smart TVs look like they’re turned off when, in fact, they’re not.

The smart TV “operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the Internet to a covert CIA server,” according to WikiLeaks.

Even smart watches are not innocent

According to a research by kaspersky.com ,  a spying app installed on a smartphone can send data from the built-in motion sensors (namely, accelerometer and gyroscope) to a remote server, and that data can be used to piece together the wearer’s actions — walking, sitting, typing, and so on.

Such spy ware can recover a computer password with 96% accuracy and a PIN code entered at an ATM with 87% accuracy.

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