Apostles, priests and Pastors- They all crumble under a certain *** three letter word

With all the anointing the so called men of God are supposed to be filled with, when it comes to the three letter word S….E…X.  they fall like a pack of cards.  I mean, they have wives but there is something about  fresh meat?

Guys, this thing with pastors is a global movement

Bill Hybel,  founder of one of the world’s largest Megachurches- Willow Creek  resigned after a long time executive assistant came forward with sexual allegations against him– according to her claims he fondled her repeatedly over the years, obtained oral sex from her and made her watch porn with him.  Several other accusers also came forward.

Even the catholic church with all their religiosity are probably the worst hit

In August 2018, A Pennsylvania grand jury named more than 300 clergy in a report which found more than 1,000 children had been abused

Fueled by the recent Me too movement,  Catholic women are speaking out, under the #NunsToo hashtag. Doris Wagner, a German theologian, recalled her terror as a young woman when she was raped by a superior male in a church in Rome who walked into her room and began to undress her.

Just last month, Pope Francis agreed that nuns were extensively abused in the church, according to him some clerics have been suspended while some have been sent away

What is happening right here in Nigeria is just a worldwide trend  – the only difference is The loyalty Nigerians show to their pastors- ” The Man of God Aura”

We have had many scandals, but lets look at some of the recent and popular ones- 

Pastor Chris Oyakilome :

He  gives permission to senior church members before they get married, yet his marriage to his wife had packed up long before she filed for a divorce. She lived in London with his kids while  he lived in Nigeria- Her appearance was only for his convenience, when it was necessary to present a solid front for the church.

Rumor has it that a certain Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu moved in with Pastor Chris. She lived with him, cooked for him, bought his clothes, drove him around and traveled everywhere with him. However, she moved out anytime Anita was in Nigeria, but returned as soon as Anita traveled back to London.

Irked by this and many other developments, Anita Oyakhilome quit her job as Pastor, stopped attending the Church and filed for divorce.” She did not attend her daughters lavish wedding

Pastor Joshua Iginla,

 He told an interesting story to his congregation- more like a confession. Summarily he accused his wife of cheating -No DNA test to back up his accusation rather some erroneous claim about genotype was his proof. He claimed he covered up  to keep his family together;

Then he cheated and had a lovechild – his wife rather than cover up like he did for her, tormented him and made his life a living hell threatening to expose and disgrace him by telling the church- summarily he reported himself

His wife responded via Facebook Live, she sounded broken, sad and betrayed. She claimed he spent most of his time with his mistress and she even offered to do a DNA test to prove the kids are all his

Pastor Chris Okotie

Divorced his first wife of 17 years Tyna , then married a second wife Stephanie Henshaw- After allegedly dating numerous women

Its alleged that it was pastor Chris Okotie that officiated the marriage between his second wife and her former husband- in his church, so some found it quite scandalous that years down the line, he married her as a second wife. He finally divorced her after 4 years of marriage

In addition, to his ex wives he has also been allegedly linked to several women as girlfriends – there was ex banker Ure Okezie, Vien Tetsola ex beauty queen  and young beauty Delphine Okoronkwo… to name a few

 Apostle Suleiman:

Back in March 2017,  Stephanie Otobo  came forward with allegations against the already controversial head of Omega Fire Ministries. According to her,  He promised her a wealthy life and has had intimate relations with her multiple times – even got her pregnant.

Stephanie Otobo posted some really saucy photos as proof of the relationship in various stages of nudity and also screen shots of them on Face-time chat

So many things happened to Stephanie Otobo- she was jailed, charged to court for defamation, rumors also surfaced that her family was threatened. She finally claimed her allegations were false and she was paid by unnamed  politicians to defame the “Man of God”

 Coza pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo 

In summary, Pretty  Ese walter had a full one week rendevous with Coza pastor at a hotel in London, then went ahead to kiss and tell. – resulting in a huge scandal. the church has since recovered, or maybe swept the issue under the carpet?

Powerful word of God from men you can’t trust …Confusing eh?

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