Anthony Joshua’s family tree in Sagamu, Ogun State

A long time ago, when our traditional Kings were revered and the British Colonialist were slowly taking over the kingdoms of Oyo and Yoruba, a great king ruled in Sagamu …

Daniel Adebambo Joshua ( Omo-Oba)

He was not just a King in Sagamu, he was also a cocoa merchant, landowner and humanitarian. He was one of the first people from the old Yoruba empire to engage in trade with Europeans in the early 20th century. 
He owned vast amount of land, married many wives( 25) and had many children. Till today, some of the houses he built still stands in Sagamu

Because of his wealth and leadership, he had a good relationship with the British colonialist, hence it was easy to secure the “Whiteman’s education” for his children.

Isaac Olaseni Joshua (grandfather)

In 1952 when racism was high and blacks were seen as former slaves, Olaseni was sent by his father to study in Britain, there he met and fell in love with an Irish woman. This caused quite a stir because it was strange for a black man to marry a white woman, so he constantly got into fights… ( As narrated by his great uncle Adedamola Joshua)

He married his Irish bride and brought her from the UK back to Nigeria. She finally headed a nursing school at Ijebu Ode. Together they had seven half cast children who were brought up mostly in Nigeria. one of them is Jonathan Joshua

Jonathan Taiwo Joshua: ( Joshua’s father)

(Mostly referred to as Roberts by the British press)

Half Nigerian and half Irish, The Son of Olaseni Joshua grew up mostly in Nigeria. Because he was home most of the time and grounded in Nigeria’s culture it was easy for him to choose his wife – Yeta Odusanya also from Sagamu. They gave birth to two kids Anthony and Janet Joshua.

Anthony Joshua’s father is a business man who imports goods into Nigeria for sale

Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni  Joshua – former  reigning IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO heavyweight 

Britain press has been accused of trying hard to erase his Nigerian heritage, while Nigerians are claiming he is theirs.
Anthony Joshua was born October 15, 1989, in Watford Hertfordshire England- Disputed by Nigerians, some claim he was born in Sagamu.

He lived all his life in the UK, only visited Nigeria to attend two terms in a secondary school- his mum wanted him to be disciplined ( also disputed)

The best person to tell his own story is Anthony Joshua as narrated in one of his documentaries.- Watch here

Anthony Joshua who now the father to a new Generation with his three year old son JJ was reportedly denied an opportunity to represent Nigeria in the Olympics before he became the popular figure that he is now. But now he is famous, we all want to associate with him- success they say has many cousins.

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