Another Nigerian dead because of an alleged request for doctors report- details

Her name was Moradeun Balogun, A 2017 graduate of Psychology from Obafemi Awolowo University. She is a creative mind and has a podcast named Becoming by design; In her Podcast she inspires people to be their best self

She was on her way back to work at 7:00pm, She was robbed and stabbed, on lookers rushed her to the hospital: R. Jolad hospital, New garage, 1 Akindele Rd, Gbagada.

The victims sisters and relatives allege that the doctors at d hospital asked for a police report before commencing any form of treatment. she was subsequently transferred to Gbagada but she died anyway

This is against the senate bill passed in 2017 “Compulsory Treatment & Care for Victims of GunShot- This new bill makes it a criminal offence to deny treatment to victims of gunshot wounds- they must be treated without police reports or monetary deposits

The hospital has denied any wrong doing, according to their side of the story, she was sent to Gbagada Hospital because they lacked the expertise to treat stabs in the neck, see their statement attached

Before we blame the government like we always do- a bill was passed, but Nigerians dont follow the law, are we goats? She was attacked at about 7:00PM, got to R-Jolad hospital at 7:19 and departed to Gbagada hospital 7 minutes later at 7:26. that means no first aid was administered.

Is the government to blame for wickedness of every Nigerian. maybe one doctor that was not in the mood decided to he wanted no part of it, or maybe the hospital was watching cost unsure if they would be reimbursed.

The Lagos state commissioner of police have commenced an investigation into her death.

Very recently on the On the 7th of September 2019, a lady called Oranye Ruth was hit by a car at her bus stop where she was waiting to cross the road along the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

Ruth sustained major head injuries but was still alive and was carried by onlookers to a nearby private hospital whose officials turned her away demanding a police report. By the time the group arrived at the government hospital which was a distance away in Epe, Ruth had given up the ghost. She was just 27. 

But today we morn Moradeun Balogun and it seems her family has chosen a mourning color- Purple

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