Anambra Elections: 10 key takeout and observations

From the results being circulated being circulated by multiple sources, Willie Obiano the incumbent governor is projected to win. Eyes rolling who is surprised. Osita Chidoka and Ezeemuo of PPA is nowhere to be found.

These are our ten key takeout in the Anambra state elections.

Debates don’t win elections in Nigeria: 

Osita Chidoka, the most outspoken candidate is nowhere to be found. In most of the polling units, results released show the  three top candidates are APC Nwoye, PDP Oseloka Obaeze and the incumbent governor Willie Obiano.

Willie Obiano fumbled so much during the debate and Nwoye showed his street side. but they are leading in the results.

In conclusion it’s about footwork, street credibility and your strength in rigging (unfortunately)

Feel free to ignore Nigerians on twitter:

If the voice Nigeria did not teach you that, then this should. First most of them would not vote their action ends on that 140 character tweet.

Secondly they can turn the tide on you so fast you would be shocked. After the debate Osita chidoka was being praised as a hero, now they are laughing at him. some suggest he should never have been Nnamdi Kanu’s driver.They are even asking where his wise quotes have landed him.

Everyone is now an election observer:

And no we don’t mean channels news, NTA and the international observers we actually mean everyday Nigerians and civil rights activists.

Anambra elections witnessed independent observers like #Snapandsend, the #situation room, # Anambra decides.

Nigerians were sending live pictures to them. 2019 gonna be hot.

Turnout was really low, and comprising mostly of low income earners.

From the pictures you could barely see middle to upper-class traders at the polling units. It was old women, men, and young people.

Some of them came out hoping to get something for free. You could see these voters are the disadvantaged that could be lobbied for a plate of rice.

The difference between registered voters and accredited voters in most of the polling stations is proof to low turnout.

IPOB, Election violence could have stoked the fear.

There was very minimal or no reports of violence or bloodshed.

There was no Port-Harcourt type drama in today’s elections. President Buhari has been commended for ensuring neutrality of the police and INEC

Stomach Infrastructure by APC:

Clearly Nwoye is walking the footsteps of Ekiti state governor. Food was being shared to voters by APC agents Illo Abito square PU 001. Nsugbe ward 1 At Nsugbe ward 1 people were also being encouraged by to vote with rice sharing by APC. This was captured by snap and send see link for more details #snapandsend

Voting materials arrived late in some of the polling stations.

The ward of PPA candidate Ezeemuo and Osita Udoka ward, voting materials arrived late.

According to Ezeemuo, he has been there since 8:00 in the morning and by 11 voting materials had not arrived. Some people got frustrated and left.

Same applied in the Ward were Osita Udoka was supposed to vote.

Rigging strategy ?

Party agents stationed at Polling Units to buy votes

Observers reported blatant incidents of vote buying across the State involving the major political parties. Party agents stationed themselves at PUs paying voters sums ranging from N500 to N5000 to vote in favor of their candidates. DSS arrested a man who was buying votes

Where are the cars and buses?

Logistics challenges and poor deployment plans was the order of the day. In Nzam, Anambra West LGA, more than 40 policemen were stranded as a result of not having vehicles to move them to polling units for their assignment. @situation room

Corps members were also stranded at Idemili North LGA as drivers who are supposed to convey them refused to show up with their vehicles.

Poor welfare for the INEC Staff

According to the situation room election observers, there were protests by some adhoc staff of INEC over poor welfare conditions such as non-accommodation and non-provision of stipends. This affected their early deployment and in some cases efficiency in execution of their assigned tasks.


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