America’s silent war- The Radicals that rose to fight & end white-supremacy

White supremacists

They are an organised group with dedicated members- they are political in nature- they have supporters in government and within the press.

Belief system- the whites are superior to other races and should have dominion over them

Vision– An American white only state where Blacks and Latinos do not exist

Biggest fear– That the blacks and Latinos are becoming majority in America and the white race is becoming extinct

Their very next goal – recruit new followers through a college tour and social media- this recruit and tour is driven by two of white supremacist prominent leaders Richard Spencer and Matthew Heimbach

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War against white supremacist – “The Antifa” organises to fight back

A radical group of blacks, gays, Jews and Latinos poised and ready to fight the White Supremacist and stop them from spreading their hateful message came together and formed a group called Antifascist- Antifa

Its a war that has been highly under- reported by the American Media.

If you think the white supremacist are crazy, well the Antifa are Radicals.

They have only one method of fighting white Supremacy- PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE

The Antifa are an organised group, they have members , leadership, and a method of operations . They closely monitor the Trump campaigns and the white supremacist activities .

Their mode of operation is very simple- Create sufficient chaos, fight, burn flags, break windows until the white supremacist are afraid to go out and rally in public.

That’s the point, if we go out and punch Nazis in the face, they would be afraid to appear in public and if they stop holding public rallies, they cannot win


The Antifa members have in the past beat up Trump supporters, They regularly disrupt white supremacy rallies, They even stopped president Trump from having a rally in Philadelphia by creating sufficient chaos.

Their members also attack members of the press perceived to be against them

The Antifa are famous for throwing eggs and milkshakes at white supremacists

Almost all people agree with violence at some point, why do you support the violence of the American armed forces and American police,yet disagree with the violence of American Citizens to stop Fascist


Charlottesville massacre –The Antifa and white supremacist clash that changed everything

Inspired by Donald Trump’s rhetoric and victory at the elections, various white supremacist groups came together in 2017 to hold their biggest rally ever in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Before the first white supremacist speaker could take the podium to speak that morning, the Antifa started a violent fight- chaos and anarchy broke out. The state had no choice but to declare a state of emergency and cancel the white supremacist rally

Later that same afternoon, the Antifa were still protesting on the streets when a member of the white supremacist (probably in frustration) drove his car directly into a sea of protesters – leaving 3 dead and many injured.

I condemn violence on all sides

President Trump did not call out the white supremacist for the attack, rather he condemned violence “on many sides”- this lead to public outrage


The table turned on the white supremacist as investigations were conducted on the Charlottesville massacre, a lot of white nationalist were arrested and did short jail time. Many lost their jobs after being identified in pictures.

further more, they were blocked on the major social networks- ( YouTube, twitter and Facebook.)

Financial institutions and credit services also refused to have any dealings with them to avoid being viewed as fraternizing with hate groups.

Frustrated on every turn many of the White Supremacist quit the group quietly

Prominent White Supremacist leader Richard Spencer tried to conduct a few college rallies after the Charlottesville Massacre

But he was out numbered as protests by the Antifah & independent protesters frustrated his every move- he was forced to quit holding rallies.


A sleeper cell can be defined as a terrorist group that remain inactive until they are triggered to massacre and kill.

Even though the white supremacists were defeated by the Antifa, their ideology is still very much alive and very dangerous, and occasionally they are triggered to strike

  • In 2018, there was shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh that left 11 people dead, the suspect Robert Bowers a white male regularly expressed his hate for immigrants and Jews on social networks.
  • In October 2018, A white male Gregory Bush, tried killing people in a black church, but the locks were secured. he then drove to a nearby supermarket and killed two black men he did not know
  • Very recently, the El Paso shooter drove 10 hours to target and kill Mexicans.

American is living in an age of #whiteterrorism

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