After his twitter rants, Kanye west just dropped a political anthem in support of Trump (Video)

I knew something was cooking. Kanye west has been in the news for his tweeter rants.
After stirring the pot, and getting everyone talking, he dropped his new single featuring T.I ( Check it out)

He tweeted that 150 employees have stopped working with him. everyone made it about his mental health.

It was said that he is spiraling off and has become difficult to work with, some suggested he needed to get some help

But the drama was only just getting started. he tweeted his support for president Trump a lot of his fans were outraged. infact he lost quite a handful of followers as they dropped from 28million to 27.5million


Then Kim Kardashian started putting out fires

I think it was a perfectly choreographed twitter stunt to promote his new album and everyone fell for it.

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