A strange twist emerge in the killing of Anita Akpason- Assassination attempt? (Details)


The killing of Anita Akpason looks and sounds like another case of police brutality, but detailed investigation suggest there could be more to it.

It’s a sketchy story with conflicting reports, but the following has been clearly established:

  • She is a ward of Senator Nenadi Usman (not clear if it’s her niece or daughter). Studied at Cyprus University in the UK and works with Nema- Her colleagues described her as quiet and friendly
  • She was killed right outside her home at Katampe extension, not at a police check point
  • There was more than one police officer involved in killing her. The policeman shot at her tire before shooting her at close range inside her car, a family member told BBC she was shot in the stomach.
  • The officers involved in the killing claimed there was a robbery in the area and they thought she was a suspect.

Police brutality or premeditated murder?- here’s what we think

  • A single unaccompanied and unarmed female in a Honda salon car befitting of people who live in that area does not pose a threat to a police officer – (More than one police officer was involved)
  • When her tires where shot, she must have cried, shown fright and anguish. She must have hurriedly cried and pleaded for her life when she saw the police gun. Why did they pull the trigger?
  • Katampe extension in Abuja is a high brow area, robbers cannot casually jump in and out of mostly barbed wired high fenced buildings.
  • We saw the images of the police officers that killed Linda Igwetu, but these particular officers involved have not been named or pictured
  • It’s alleged there is a conspiracy to protect the policemen that killed her
  • The police claimed there was criminal activity in the area, the families robbed have yet to come forward with their statement in shock that it led to her death or to collaborate what the police had said

As the mystery surrounding her death and anger of police brutality rages on, her family lawyer release a petition written to the police

According to details she was trailed, targeted and blocked. Her vehicle was intercepted before she was shot at close range.

The family petition further stated  that the circumstances of trailing, tracking and the gruesome murder of the deceased who had strong affinity with Senator Nenadi Usman, a member of PDP opposition has strong political undertones to intimidate the family of the deceased and cause pain and anguish.

The petition is alleging premeditated murder- draw your conclusions! Sad


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