A short animation about Afro hair won an Oscar #oscar2020

In Nigeria and many parts of the world, Afro hair means many things-

Wearing your Afro naturally the way it grows from your head could mean many things-

  • Your hair is not done yet.
  • You look untidy
  • The lady wearing Afro is broke and cannot afford a weave
  • Its unprofessional
  • You are not well dressed

In America and many parts of the world, Afro hair is discriminated against with many black boys and girls being asked to leave school or cut their hair short.

As part of the ongoing struggle in the Afro hair movement, and with the objective to get young girls to love their mane- Matthew A. Cherry, A former NFL player tells a heartfelt story of an African American father learning to do his daughter’s hair for the first time- watch the short film below

The project was created in collaboration with Sony Pictures. Gabrielle Union and her husband Wayne were also involved in the project as associate producers.

We have a firm belief that representation matters especially in cartoons because that’s how we shape our lives and see the world

Karen Rupert Toliver , Producer, Hair love

This is a big win and a large step, in normalizing Afro hair community.

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