A 7 day score card for Babajide Sanwo-Olu: Is Lagos headed for glory or Doom

Politicians have made Nigerians unbelievers. These days you have to do it then show us, before I believe, but there are signs that it maybe different with the new Lagos State Governor

Today the 5th of June is the seventh day since he took his oat of office, his words and actions have been impressive.

On this day, I speak to the young and old, Christian and Muslim, those who trace their earliest ancestry back to this land, and to those who came last week. I speak to the poor and to the rich. I speak to the Danfo driver as much as to the millionaire and to the fruit vendor

Day 1 in Office

He declared a state of emergency on the environment, sanitation and traffic management by signing two executive orders- offenders will now be prosecuted. He also visited the Trailer parks at Apapa and made plans to coordinate vehicle and trailer movement

Day 2 started with a message to Lagosians, and introducing his team

Mrs. Folashade Jaji as the Secretary to the State Government; Tayo Ayinde as Chief of Staff; Gboyega Soyannwo as Deputy Chief of Staff and Gboyega Akosile as Deputy Chief Press Secretary.

He also signed an Executive Order that introduced a shift system to aid productivity and better road enforcement for LASTMA

The Governor Inspected Olusosun landfill, Ojota which is overutilised receiving about 10000 tons of waste daily. Same day Went to Ajegunle to visit the family of a LASTMA officer who lost her life in the line of duty.

Day 3 in office – A rousing message to investors: Lagos is ready for business.

Day 4 was Sunday- he went to church for thanksgiving, but still stopped by to work afterwards

After Sunday service he proceeded to Badagry expressway corridor to inspect and commission roads that needed work urgently

Day 5 was Monday, The governor commissioned new air-conditioned buses for civil servants in Lagos state.

Day 6 in office, before the public holiday, Governor Sanwo Olu signed the appropriation bill

A bill that authorizes the expenditure of public funds to execute various projects – the bill he signed was split into 55% capital expenditure and 45% recurrent expenditure. The total budget is N873,532,460,725.

While I commend your efforts Mr Governor I hope this is not a fluke – Nigerians will say Initial gragra” …. We pray this is for real

Sanwoolu was known as the Gubernatorial aspirant who campaigned harder than the opposition, in-spite of the fact he had the backing of Lagos State Godfather and every APC machinery. He campaigned on social media, street to street, radio, press, and various meetings with the young and old.

After he won the election, he was popular as the Governor elect who refused to switch off campaign mode even though he had won, still he kept talking about his plans

The waiting period is your most strategic period. Use it to prepare, so execution can happen faster and seamlessly. It’s the same principle for governance, business, family and everything else in our lives.

Lagos State behold your new Governor, pray for him…

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