7 things you may not know about Princess Eugenie

1) Princess Eugenie is referred to as being of “blue blood”

She was born royal unlike Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle that married into it. – Game of thrones would refer to her as high born. She is the grand-daughter of the queen, daughter of Prince Andrew (the Queen’s second son) and ninth in line to the throne trailing behind prince Williams, his three children and Prince Harry.

2) Unfortunately despite her blue blood she is also a “Minor Royal”

At birth she was sixth in line to the throne, but with Prince Williams’s three kids she is now 9th in line to the throne.

In 2016, Prince Charles – the next King if the queen dies trimmed down the royal family to appease the British tax payers. Princess Eugenie and her sister Beatrice lost royal funding hence were required to get regular jobs- this angered their father (Prince Andrew) because his girls were blood royals- Summary of the story- Princess Eugenie receives limited royal funding

3) Her mother disgraced the royal family and was banished

She is  the Duchess of York. She was sent away from the family for cheating on her husband ( Prince Andrew) and selling news to the press for money. But she is occasionally invited when important family events come up

4) Regular job by day Princess duty at night and weekends

If you are the grand-daughter of the queen, and told to fend for yourself you would probably get a top notch job in a fancy place. companies would happily hire you- that’ free marketing for them.

 She has a day job as a director at a world class art studio-  Hauser & Wirth. In the evenings she attends to the charities she supports or attends family engagements- but this is no ordinary art gallery- it’s got offices all around the world

5) Her husband may not be royal, but the dude is also high born:

He was  Educated at Stowe School in Buckingham, where boarding fees are currently almost £12,000 per term, Brooksbank, 31,  is a descendant of the Brooksbank baronets. He presently works as a brand ambassador for George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila Company. They were together for seven years- for her engagement he gave her a sapphire as the center piece instead of the traditional white diamond

 6) At a young age, she was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine):

She  was told she would need corrective surgery. She used her wedding dress to create awareness for the condition by wearing a dress that revealed her surgery scar. she said the scar is something to be proud of.

7) By the way, she has an Instagram page – thats fine, she is not a full royal and would never be  queen

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