7 things we know about Harry and Meghan’s exit from the Royal family- (#Megxit)

Well, the princess did not live happily ever after like in the Disney movies. She was hated by a large chunk of the British population for being biracial and American.

The press hounded her and attacked her with negative stories until Meghan and Harry decided new year new me. In 2020, we will cut out the toxic people from our lives. ( Am just assuming they said that)

Everything else happened very fast

A shock announcement that they are stepping back as senior royals on their Instagram page, Then the Sandringham summit was called by the queen to reach a resolution- Harry, Williams, Prince Charles were all at the meeting.

Here’s what we know so far (Source Chris Ship, Royal Editor)

Harry & Meghan to stop using HRH title but will retain them . They would now be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

They REMAIN members of the royal family, but not working royals or senior members hence the decision to stop using the HRH title (Her Royal highness)

They will spend MAJORITY of their time in Canada, NOT the UK – Their son Archie will be schooled in Canada (by the way, they declined to give him royal titles)

Frogmore Cottage will be Harry and Meghan’s official residence in the UK but they will REPAY £2.4m refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage- (it was refurbished from sovereign grant and haters have gave them a hard time about it)

There will be no more tours and royal engagements to the common wealth countries on-behalf of the queen- In effect they have been fired (cleans my tears)

Harry will stop being Captain General of the @RoyalMarines the title he took from his grandad, the Duke of Edinburgh, after he retired. All his honorary military titles will end.

Now they need to get a job, pay rent- and do regular people stuff, but Harry’s father will reportedly support them, but not from the sovereign grant but his personal estate.

I am so sad about everything happening to Harry and Meghan, but we must admit the queen is some tough lady- they wanted to have one toe in, but the queen decided to fire them instead- even though it was her grandson involved, tough lady.

Taxpayers will pay £7.6 million-a-year security costs as Harry and Meghan remain high profile citizens- Britain Tax payers does not want to pay, neither does Canadian citizens- so in the coming weeks, it could get ugly in the Media.

Inspite of the Drama, Meghan Markel is not your mate- Netflicks boss are already lobbying her for a meeting. and they have plans to continue their foundation- they could create something like the Clinton foundationshion, some cool charity- and they be good.

On another note- can someone allow the queen to handle #Brexit

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