5 random but shocking facts on how Jack Dorsey founded Twitter.

Jack Dorsey The Twitter CEO has just left Nigeria , While he was here, he was doing the most. Apart from all the serious engagements, he has had some fun- He has listened to Tiwa Savage 49-99, danced to Soapy by Naira Marley; am sure he has eaten Nigerian Jellof Rice- (an assumption).

But make no mistake, Jack is one of the most powerful and influential men in the world – his platform twitter has the power to topple presidents, start a revolution or change perception. Twitter is definitely more political than Facebook.

Jack with the Indian leader Modi

Jack With the Saudi Crown Prince

With the prime Minister of New Zealand

Here are random facts on how he created Twitter

1) He exhibits symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

Aspergers is a mental health problem characterized by repetitive habits, fixation on a particular subject, lack of emotions, poor social skills and extreme intelligence. This became evident as we carefully studied his lifestyle

He exhibits a pattern of repetitive habits – He meditates for an hour twice daily, takes ice baths daily, eats the same food everyday and uses the Sauna every evening. He eats only one meal everyday.

During one of his interviews at oxford Union, he talked about how he usually has a dinner meeting with the CEO of one of his company “Square“- every Tuesday night, same restaurant, same table, same food,- a classic Asperger symptom.

2) Short, quick voice notes in emergency dispatch centers updating their “Status” and what they were doing in real time caught his attention for no reason.

He grew up in St Louis Missouri, As a child he had a speech impediment and played at home alone most of the time. As he grew older he was interested in strange hobbies like trains, maps and how the city was connected.

During an interview with a show called “60 minutes” he talked about his fascination with emergency dispatch centers and police announcements in his neighborhood , he liked how the dispatch team always talk about their “status” and “updates” in a quick, short bust of communication.

This would later inspire the creation of twitter

3) He taught himself how to code at a very young age;

Because he was so obsessed with the way dispatch talks and move around quickly the city he decided to simulate their activities online- he learnt to code specifically for that narrow interest of how dispatch works. so he created online a mock up city and mock voice notes – such obsession over narrow interest is typical of Aspergers.

4) At barely 17 years old he hacked into Newyork’s largest Dispatch office – to get their attention

He was interested in working for DMS because they were the largest Dispatch company in Newyork. After successfully hacking into their site, he sent them an email telling them there was a hole in their site and how to fix it-

He was hired the next week.

5) Jack Dorsey dropped out of New York University in 1999.

While working at DMS dispatch company in Newyork, he was also going to college, but according to him education was focused on the academic side of things and not on the practical side of it. he was learning more outside the University hence he decided to quit.

6) In 2005, after many of lives failures & ups and downs, he drew his very first look of what would later become twitter

7) Dorsey gets hired as a junior level coder in a company called Odeo.

He was hired by Evan Williams, who sold Blogger to Google, the company had one major objective- to create a music podcast.

But after Apple music was launched the business model at the Odeo company failed and they needed to brainstorm for a new direction.

There was a boy named Jack Dorsey- when he was young he was fascinated by the short status messages that was delivered at dispatch stations. what if everyday individuals can also give their status updates- short and quick in less than 145 characters.

So Jack Dorsey the junior level coder had an idea…. (part 2 later) going shopping.

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