5 life lessons from Bigbrother Naija season 4

1) Get out of your own way- sometimes in life, we are the ones holding ourselves back.

Like Tacha we all have some undesirable traits that stop us from getting to our own finish line. If Tacha had a bad temper, maybe some of us procrastinate, get easily distracted, some people are busy being jealous of others- rather than to focus on their own hustle.


Tacha released a beautiful statement embracing peace with the top 5 finalist of BBN season 4 and even congratulating Mercy on her victory- To reach our life’s goal, we have to identify the weakness that is holding us back, and move out of our own way- Tacha has done just that, though a little to late.

2) You will never reach your destination if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks – “Winston Churchill

If only Tacha had kept it moving and ignored mercy. With two strikes to her name she could have passed on that fight

Dogs are just a Metaphor for distractions on the journey to our destination

Our daily life also presents many dogs that keep us distracted from the goal and it comes in many forms – that unnecessary argument on social media comment section that leaves us feeling angry and distracted, the Naysayers , those who criticize your every step – people will demean and dismiss you, – but just keep it moving.

Face your Hustle- All man to himself

Support friends and family but face your own hustle- don’t let anyone waste your time- or make you pick battles that are not your business and will not help you get to your destination.

Everyone who colluded against Tacha, laughed at her or hated her will still get nothing, there was no room for second place only the winner- Seyi, Omashola, Frodd, Mike all took sides with Mercy but “laslas na Mercy Lambo carry all the money”

Life is a game of cards – play your move quickly & boldly

When a window of opportunity presented itself to spend their BET Naija coins, Diane was booking spa treatments, Elozonam was booking a movie date but Mercy made boss moves and bought Immunity for herself into the finals….#checkmate

My final point is more of an observation than life lesson, but we must be sorry 4 ourselves in this country, – serious things don’t sell (Lol)

We just like Lamborghini mercy and peperdemgang conversations-(I plead guilty as charged) Imagine if we use the same energy we used to follow big brother on causes like #endsars, #freesowore #senate 5.billion cars- and other issues- we would have made progress on issues that really mattered.

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