3 strange things that have happened in Nigeria in the past few months ( General Alkali’s death + 2more)

1  The Strange death and Disappearance of General Idris Alkali

Two weeks after he retired from public service, He disappeared while on transit from Abuja to Bauchi through Jos, he opted to travel alone without his orderly. The drama started when Alkali’s wife, Salamatu, reported his disappearance to the Nigerian Army. She said the senior officer was in the Jos area in Plateau State when she last spoke to him on his mobile phone.

His car was mysteriously traced to a pound-

“Sources” had informed the military that Alkali may have been killed and his body and car dumped in a deep mining pit around Du district. The Army also claimed they tracked his phone to the pond area

Who are these faceless sources & how possible is it to track a phone that has been under water?
After days of draining the pond, the team finally pulled out Alkali’s black Toyota Corolla car to confirm its suspicions. Shoes and clothes belonging to the retired military officer were also found in the retrieved vehicle- the clothing were clearly labelled- strange that the ID bearing his name stood up right- almost feels like it was planted.

How does the “story” end?
The Army disclosed that one of the ” suspects” who participated in Alkali’s murder led the Army to the location of the body.  So many questions I want to ask, but most curious is the Army’s muted response and the fact they did not descend on the community. ( They killed over three hundred Shitte Muslims for blocking the Convoy of the army boss)

2 Tinubu’s statement that Atiku can never win the 2019 presidency

Asked if he was jittery over Atiku’s meeting in Dubai which was aimed at defeating President Buhari in 2019, he said that the PDP’s presidential standard bearer can have meeting anywhere in the world even in the jungle, but that Nigerians cannot go back to the illusion of the party.

He said, “We don’t fear, whether it is in the jungle, or is in Dubai or is in Abu Dhabi, people are free to meet and strategies in any way they form but we are not going back to the illusion of the PDP. It is not possible, Nigerians will not do that. “They say slow and steady wins the race , we inherited that from our forefathers and knowledgeable people. We can’t go back to the pit that we inherited for 16 years. They can strategies from anywhere but a leopard cannot change it skin.”

Why is this comment very strange – The confidence with which he speaks, almost leaving no room for doubt. Feels like the 2019 general elections have been won already by the APC… and we are just going to the motions of to fulfill all righteousness

3 The kidnap and Murder of Agom Adara the traditional ruler from Southern Kaduna

According to “unconfirmed” sources he was kidnapped on his way back home after a meeting with the State Governor El – Rufai.  Whats even more shocking is that the manner he was abducted and killed. It reveals that  1) The assailants operated with a level of Impunity and confidence   2) They did not want money, they just wanted him dead.

How it happened-

The Agom Adara and his wife were  kidnapped at Maikyali village along Kaduna- Kachia road in Kachia LGA. his orderly and four others killed. This was a day after killings of his people in Kasuwan Magani.

According to reports, some armed men intercepted the convoy of the traditional ruler and opened fire, forcing them to stop. “In the process, his police orderly and three others in the vehicles were shot dead. The bandits took away the royal father and his wife Mrs Victoria to unknown destination.”

A ransom was paid to secure his release, but he was killed regardless. After his death, a 24hour curfew was imposed by the State Governor to prevent unrest.





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