3 puzzling questions on Daura’s sack & DSS siege on NASS

1 On whose instructions did Daura (DG SSS) act?

APC denied being responsible for the military siege on NASS. According to the party national publicity secretary, reports to PIN it on them is mischievous. In fact the acting president denounced the action as illegal and unconstitutional and fired the DSS DG lawal Daura for it.

Some reports say Daura was snitching on the president and working for Saraki, according to this school of thought the national assembly blockade was to prevent anyone – both PDP and APC Senators from gaining access into the national assembly

But Senate president Saraki and Speaker house of reps Dogara has issued a joint statement (plenty of big grammar involved) but summarily they condemned the blockade. Daura, please clear the confusion, “who send you message”?

2 Did Buhari say yes to Lawal Daura getting fired?

He was one of Buhari’s closest aide. The president recalled him from retirement to head the SSS because he trusted him.

He was one of the powerful faces of the cabal.  A source hinted that as soon as the news broke out, some political leaders stormed the palace of the Emir of Daura, Alhaji Umar Farouk Umar, for a meeting which lasted for about four hours. But were advised to ‘accept the presidential decision in good faith.

3 Why did men of the DSS cover their faces like armed robbers and ask for more guns- ????? 

The backstory-

There has been mounting pressure on Saraki to resign his position as senate president or be forced out after he left APC for PDP.

The story hit a climax early Tuesday morning when the National Assembly was cordoned off by officers of the State Security Services aggressively dressed in face masks, bullet proofs and heavy machinery. The officers denied the senators entrance into the national assembly complex citing “orders from above”

The military siege according to reports was part of a grand plan by APC senators to impeach Saraki. The drama ended in the DG of SSS getting fired, loads of confusion to who gave Daura the orders and lots of talk about saving our democracy.

Not like we have anyway, the common man does not benefit from all the drama.


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