3 possible ways to react if you were in that bus with Femi Otedola- be honest are you A, B or C

By now every one has seen billionaire Otedola’s Instagram post- he shared a video of himself going from Sango to Agege by molue bus in case you missed it check out the video below;


It started when he posted to his instagram page a video  of himself taking a bus ride to wandsworth London, everyone on the comment section said he dare not try it in Lagos, well he did.

Before i get to reactions, i just can’t  take it. not one single person in that bus recognized him. They were sitting with over a billion dollars yet their spiritual eyes were closed (Lol). He probably gave the conductor money and the conductor gave him change . Oh lord, open my eyes to opportunities sitting in front of me. Amen.

So how would you react if you were in that boss and recognized him ( mind you you did not expect to meet him so you are totally unprepared)

A) – Fan out and blow his cover! Oh my God Femi Otedola, am a fan, am humbled to meet you sir, am also a fan of cuppy music & JTO fashion. Then of course you quickly ask for a selfie, post on your social network. gush about it on twitter. (basically being an ass.)

B)- Quickly narrate your life story, tell him how the Nigerian situation is making life difficult for the masses including you. Tell him how its been difficult to get a job, then quickly ask him to bless you by cutting you a cheque. if possible scribble your account number (Basically looking cheap)

c) – Make a forced attempt to appear intelligent and knowledgeable. Verbally narrate an exaggerated CV, conduct your own interview and quickly ask for a job, even though you are unsure of what position you are interviewing for. (Na me sabi pass)

Don’t forget, you only have 60 seconds to make a first impression while dealing with the shock of meeting him in the danfoe bus. comments below!

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