10 big moments to anticipate in 2020- Olympics, wizkid album, Eco currency…

Wizkid made in Lagos Album

Wizkid has been teasing this Album since 2018, but while he kept fans waiting, he dropped 2 singles and an EP “sound man”.

2020 is definitely the year it finally drops – and after waiting for years it had better be worth it- Made in Lagos will be his 5th album and according to his twitter rant, it would be his last album as Wizkid after which he would be called Wizman

Will Serena finally win a grand Slam

Serena Williams has choked on all the finals since she returned from Maternity leave, the pressure to tie Margaret Court’s all time record and huge expectations from fans across the world has probably put her under pressure on the final games

How she performs in 2020 is definitely something to look forward to, but whatever happens- she is still the goat.

Australian open begins Jan 20

Assurance 2020

In September 2019, Davido proposed to girlfriend Chioma and also revealed she was pregnant. #assurance2020 was introduced as the hashtag to their upcoming wedding.

Its clear Davido is Smitten with chioma, and so far wedding plans are going on as planned, its even rumored that Chris brown may be on the train.

With Davido’s penchant to show off how rich he is, it would definitely be interesting to watch the wedding unfold.

The Olympics games

Its the year of the Olympics, taking place in Japan. Tokyo 2020 is going down from Friday 24th July to Sunday 9th August, so far Nigerian female wrestler Adekuoroye has qualified to participate

Oluture the movie

Òlòtūré is the story of a young, naïve Nigerian journalist who goes undercover to expose the shady underworld of human trafficking.

The Ebony life movie as been screened in international film festivals- Its definitely one Nollywood blockbuster to anticipate this year

Will Britain finally leave the European union:

Brexit has become the most difficult political divorce in history, it has taken down two British Prime Ministers- David Cameron and Theresa May, there has been one major referendum, 2 snap parliamentary elections and several extensions.

But finally in 2020 new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to get it done…. would be interesting to watch the divorce unfold

Tiwa savage’s album

American elections

In November, America will return to the Polls to vote for a new leader – we are going to witness a dramatic campaign trail as Americans most controversial president Trump campaigns for a second term in Office.

The Trump campaign trial would definitely be fun to watch- the outcome of the election which ever way it swings would be indeed historic

Bigger intrigues between Nigeria, France and the Eco currency

France is in a huge show down with Nigeria to prevent our country from dominating West African new currency called the ECO. In a swift colonial power play, France has retained control of the ECO and spelt out terms and conditions that would keep Nigeria out of the ECO

It will be debated heavily in the coming months of 2020- and we would be right in the middle of that conversion.

Will there be world war 111

Iran would be plain stupid to declare a full on war on American following the killing of Qassem Soleimani- the most powerful man in Iran.

But there would definitely be retaliation and its not going to be pretty for anyone- I say we fasten our seat belts, its about to get really ugly in the middle east

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