World cup: Lets get to know the Croatian President – She is too hot!


Everyone is loving her because…

Commander in chief of the Croatian armed forces flew into Russia on an economy class ticket.
She ignored the VIP area and watched the match from the regular stands
Croatia’s president  ignored  presidential protocol and dressed in national colors. she  even broke into a victory dance with the players after Croatia beat Russia in the quarterfinal match.
She made a surprise entry into the locker room, congratulated and hugged the players after their victory against Belgium

And even when she sat in the VIP section she jumped up to cheer her team and clapped high fives with officials present- this is unusual for a country president.

Tell me more about her 

Her name is President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, this 50 year old has been dubbed the most attractive female leader by the press.
She was raised in a ranch (Heehaw!) her family also owned a butcher shop.
President Kolinda speaks about 8 languages some of which include- Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish.

She has been married since 1996 and  has two children.  Her daughter, 17-year-old Katarina, is a junior national champion figure skater.
To her resumes she boasts local and international education- she is an Alumni of George Washington and Harvard University.

Her political story

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic was elected Croatia’s fourth president in January 2015. She is the first woman to ever hold the title of president for the eastern European country.

She won the Croatian elections in 2015 by a very narrow margin, She secured 50.5% of the vote while incumbent Ivo Josipovic was close behind on 49.5%.

Before her presidency she has  held several important positions including foreign affairs minister, Ambassador to the United States, assistant to NATO secretary general.

She has Zero tolerance for open Boarders and like Trump would greatly limit the number of  migrants in Croatia

The Croatian president has a say in foreign policy and is head of the army, but running the country is primarily left to the government and headed by the prime Minister. She has the powers to dissolve the legislation

As a Catholic, she’s against same-sex marriage but, later supported the Life Partnership Act that gives same-sex couples equal rights to heterosexual married couples.

I would have really liked the Croatian team to bring the cup home to her, but I have to support my African team…. Sorry I mean France

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