Toke Makinwa accused of allegedly stealing content from a smaller YouTuber

A few weeks back Toke Makinwa updated her YouTube channel Toke-moments with a new post – signs that you are in an abusive relationship. An interesting conversation about emotional abuse.  

Her fans in the comment section were quick to call her out that she stole the content from another YouTube User, Below are some hilarious and rather embarrassing comments accusing Toke of Plagiarism.

Tete a tete  Toke you stole this idea, this topic and these points from TRAFIK RANT ‘s YouTube page. I hope you gave her credit.

Afolukemi Beauty and Brains I also follow Trafik Rant on YouTube and I must say what Toke did was very wrong. These are the exact words the lady said. Stealing content fine…but not giving credit is wrong

Nonso Odiachi1 week agoAunty Toke why did you steal from Trafik Rant

Larynx1 week ago Ahhh this are the same points TrafikRant with Neze used on her YouTube page . this means you guys don’t have original content. Lmao

The YouTuber whom Toke allegedly plagiarized finally responded. According to her, she released her video on the 3rd of May and tagged Toke Makinwa hoping for a collaboration or that Toke who had more clout would help her broadcast the post. Well Toke noticed her post, but rather then share it, she stole the points and made her own video –

Trafik Rant With Neze
1 week ago Hi Toke, I see you have watched my videos. You stole my points, expatiated on them and didn’t give credit. That’s very inappropriate.

Trafik Rant With Neze1 week ago I released a video last week on this exact topic: 5 signs you are in an abusive relationship. On Instagram and On My YouTube channel: Trafik rant. I tagged you, hoping you would assist ask your fans to Subscribe to my channel and possibly collaborate with you. Rather you stole my points and shot yours. That is unacceptable

Toke Kept mum, she did not respond to any of the comments. You can watch both videos side by side if you have data

Toke Makinwa is well recognized on YouTube and has over 51000 followers
Trafick Rant with Neze is a smaller YouTube channel with barely 900 subscribers- she posted her video below on the 3rd of may

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