#This is America : Childish Gambino releases a shocking video portraying black killings and gun violence (watch)

There is total shock and disbelief in the entertainment and political landscape as everyone tries to digest the music video Childish Gambino, AKA Donald Glover recently released

The music video was released during a skit for Saturday night live. It’s  video and lyrics switch between serious and funny, making comments on American life and current issues, including police violence, racism and gun crime.

The video makes references to…

  •  Mass shootings and hysteria – He gunned down an entire choir group in the video making reference to #Charleston shooting
  • Indiscriminate killing of black men in America.
  • How American hip hop is unaffected by the things going on but continue to be distracted with their glamorous lifestyle
  • He also threw shade at American National Rifle association – The dead were abandoned and dragged on the floor while a special red napkin was used to carefully preserve the guns

Watch the Video below

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