The real reason why Kim K rented 2 wombs for 2 kids

I know what you thinking- she is so vain and does not want to get fat- well wrong,  She experienced two life threatening conditions when she gave birth to her kids North and Saint west- The decision to opt for a surrogate was a difficult one

Her First child North was delivered almost 5 weeks earlier cos she had preeclampsia characterized by extremely high blood pressure during pregnancy, extreme pain around the body, labor scares and Placenta Accreta – The placenta was stuck to the uterine walls- the doctor had to use his fingers to scrape it out and save her life.

Trying For her second child

Kim underwent a very risky surgery to clean out her uterus and remove particles of Placenta that were left behind – to enable her conceive again. After womb cleaning she started undergoing IVF which failed. Tired and exhausted with the whole procedure, she gave up trying for a baby. – few months later, she got pregnant for the second time with her son Saint West

After giving birth , Kim developed placenta accreta again, and it took doctors 2 hours to get her blood loss under control. While she didn’t need to have an emergency hysterectomy, this time the placenta accreta created a hole in her uterus.

Trying for a third child

The doctor told her point blank it was risky, she could bleed to death and would need to have her womb removed- she tried any way. She underwent a painful surgery to patch up the holes in her womb,

This time, there were complications with her bladder, and she had to have a catheter inserted to pee! At this point was when she finally seriously considered using a surrogate

Her last two kids Chicago and little baby boy yet to be named were born through two different surrogates.

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