Sahara reporters Omoleye Sowore: presidential challenger or just a joker?

Sahara reporters Omoleye Sowore just declared for presidency 2019

“I have disrupted the media space, it’s time to disrupt the political space”

It takes a lot of guts to publish a story that could get you killed.  But Sowore publisher of Sahara reporters said he is not afraid to die, because death would come to everybody.

He was attacked in 1999 when he was the SUG president and injected with lead, he had to go abroad for treatment

He founded Sahara reporters in New York in 2006 but he has spies and informants all over Nigeria. His style of journalism  encourages everyday people to report stories about human right abuses and other political misconduct. When he is in Nigeria, he travels underground with a toothbrush in his pocket in case of a sudden arrest.

His receives constant death threats and his life is constantly in danger even though he operates mostly from the United States.

Most Media houses in Nigeria are too scared to publish his type of stories:

He leaked a telephone conversation between Dino Melaye and a Lawyer discussing payments of bribes

He leaked the story that the Jonathan administration was going to sack CBN president after he raised alarm over money stolen from the central bank.

He uncovered #Ekitigate scandal and gave all the details and taped phone recordings

He accused chief of army staff of buying houses in Dubai – he provided the receipts to back up his claim.

He also accused Ekweremadu of having homes in London, gave evidence of the transactions

It was Sahara reporters who broke the news of the Yaradua’s death when his wife was trying to hide the details

Daredevil journalist to presidential aspirant?  How?

He has a cult following online because of the daring way he writes and in addition, Political trends across the world has had its ripple effects: the political outsiders are gaining leverage #Trump effects and the Young and youthful leaders are high in demand #Macron effect.

The result is a rise of youthful entrepreneurs across Nigeria running for the highest office: Adamu Garba, Fela Durotoye and Chris Emejuru

There is also the fact that Nigerians are done and dusted with career politicians. No one wants to see the same recycled old men. #something new

Money failed Jonathan in 2014 elections, he had a war chest of funds, bribed political and traditional leaders but lost to Buhari who campaigned on integrity

Omoleye Sowore campaigns the way he writes: In your face, Combative and fierce

He has made it clear that the previous administrations that they would be sacked in 2019: Buhari must retire to Daura

He says Obasanjo is going to jail or to court hence it’s up to them to choose where they want to be spanked.

As former SUG president in Unilag, he still has the student union mentality starting his opening speeches with the greatest Nigerian people. Greatest! He is completely devoid of class and finesse but speaks good English.

On a radio show in Ibadan, he had a faceoff with Buhari’s minister who called him a minion and joker but he won the debate by smartly using his words against him

What critics say about him:

Many claim that Sowore was actually a brutal cultist fighting other rival cults with his SUG sit-tight presidency.

Other have claimed Sahara Reporters is a strong media tool used by him to extort money from politicians.

They also say that he is in the pockets of some political officers who have given him cash or kind to ridicule their rivals on his online platform.

Final word

He definitely has some love for the country ( but his ways may not always be pure)

A headache to politicians who regard him as a trouble maker you would always find him stomping in front of any protest from occupy Nigeria to resume or resign.

To his credit, even though he supported Buhari’s presidency, he did a quick 360 and turned on him when he failed to deliver the change he promised

There is something a bit sinister about him. How does he get to uncover the deepest and well-guarded secrets of political holders. Does he see it through a mirror in a dark room?( LOL)

I dont know that he is presidential material, but he would make a great campaign manager or partner with gentle Fela Durotoye. from his interviews and campaign speeches it is clear he understands the uphill climb it would take to go up against Nigerian’s career politicians and he is ready for the fight!

That white native beads he always wears on his neck though * Side eye*

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