Record label vs artist breakups that lead to a dead career

The Feud between Kiss Daniel  and his record label G-entertainment may not end well for his career. He may want to hang in there until his contract expires. The legal implication means no music or collaborations for him pending determination of the suit.

Kiss Daniel wants out of a record deal with G-entertainment that allegedly gives him only 17% of his earnings and right now they are embroiled in a legal battle.

His story is very common in the industry, desperate artists badly in need of a record deal don’t read those tiny fine print called terms and conditions. They are afraid of negotiating until they “blow” (get established) then they start making demands that should have been reached before they signed the dotted lines.

 Here are some of the Artist- label split that damaged careers.

Chocolate city versus Brymoh;

Brymoh signed with Chocolate city in 2011. He then went ahead to deliver one hit single down and a highly successful album son of a carpenter. Money started rolling in, and you know how it is, that fine print called terms and conditions that Brymoh ignored because he was desperate to be signed became an issue.

He allegedly wanted control of cash that was to be used for his videos and future albums, chocolate city declined because it was not standard industry practice and artists tend to fritter the money away.

Major disagreements with Audu Maikori his record company boss finally led to a legal tussle.According to him they failed to pay for his Manager and to promote his album. He also said they used him as an industry novice and did not pay him for writing Oleku a song by ice prince who was also signed with chocolate city

According to court documents filed by chocolate city they invested over 20million in Brymoh and made a huge loss because they only recouped 3 million of the money. He also compromised the reputation of the company by posting a picture smoking Indian hemp. That picture caused him an endorsement deal with a telecom giant

The court injunction allegedly granted against brymoh stopped him from writing, composing and releasing any music until 2016 when his contract with them has expired.

Chocolate city  also demanded full copy right benefits for songs like down, and his album son of a carpenta

The fallout 

Brymoh’s career came to a screeching halt. The court injunction against him really hurt his career and his progress with music. He was unable to collaborate within the industry.He has started making music again, but we can’s call it a comeback just yet.

His latest releases has no videos( cash constraint?) . it also lacks that exciting hook that makes a Naija hit.

Don jazzy – D’banj and the Mohits crew.

According to sources, there was unrest with the other members of mo-hit crew because everything revolved around D’banj alone. Don jazzy had an uphill task convincing the other member’s ice prince, Wande coal and Dr. Sid that he was as committed to their careers as D’banj.

The decision to part ways was brewing slowly. Don jazzy had no control over D’banj who was his 50-50 partner. They started mo-hits together taking a loan from Don Jazzy’s mother and living at her boys-quarters in Maryland.

Don jazzy was reportedly unhappy with Dbanj for doing a promotion song for Good luck Jonathan, Nigerians descended on the mohit crew calling them a sellout

If there was already trouble in paradise, the Kanye west record deal sealed the deal. Don Jazzy felt the terms and conditions were not favorable. The arrangement meant that he would live and work in the United States, abandoning his other talents back at home.

It would take him a longer time to as successful over there. He had his sights on international acclaim, but he felt the time was not right at that point so they had to split.

The fall out 

Personally, i cant say D’banj has done any Oliver twist type hit. his new songs like the one below is just Ok, not tripping.  right now, me thinks he needs to order some humble pie and eat . go back to the Don, while you can.

EME versus Wizkid.

Wizkid joined EME after being rejected by Don jazzy at mo-hits, storm records and other major labels in Nigeria.

EME music is owned by Banky W and Segun Demuren.  According to Banky, his sound was unique and different and he was really hard working. At a kennis music event in 2010 Banky introduced wizkid and skales calling them his retirement plan.

It turned out to be the best decision banky’s EME has ever made. Because it was hit after hit after hit.

By 2012 wizkid started developing itchy feet. He allegedly made only 25% of his entire earnings, EME took 50% and his manager took the remaining 25%. At this point Wizkid was the only viable artist in EME literally bankrolling the other artist.

His work ethic was crazy he was releasing one music every three weeks.Wiz was doing at least three shows, and raking in nothing less than 6 million naira for EME per week on the average, totaling up to about 24 million naira per month. Then there were endorsements, the biggest of which was the PEPSI deal for which he was paid a staggering sum of $365,000. Of all these, Wizkid was only getting 25%. ”

The first major issue was with his manager Osagie who refused to come to terms with the fact that he was no longer the boy she picked up 4 years ago and couldn’t be bossed around. She refused to take 10% and wizkid fired her

When wizkid contract expired, he insisted on a 50-50 split with Banky w, the label refused. Their split was finalized but first he gave them one last album. Banky ended the relationship on good terms without taking any legal action against wizkid.

The fallout;

Banky W is doing fairly well on his own but his record label is struggling (lets be real) Skales left soon after , they disagreed on creative direction

The two other artist in Banky’s label Niyola and shaydee failed to make the cut. They are not producing any hits. Banky is the only credible artist left in EME music, doing fairly well but not internationally recognized like wizkid.

The moral of this long story? read the fine print before you sign, dont be a desperado



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