Offset apologizes to Cardi B on stage- here’s everything happening post breakup


The Offset and Cardi B break up scenario is literally like watching an episode of “Empire”- lots of  drama, with some  music . there is too much tea- my cup runneth over

Offset just crashed her rolling stone concerts with flowers and cakes written “Take me back” to beg Cardi for forgiveness, But Cardi was not having it- she  sent him and his set up away from her stage and proceeded to give a badassed performance –

Cardi B responded to offsets apology with a video on Instagram live, she asked her fans to respect offset because he is her baby daddy and no man can love her child more than he can; here’s a link to watch cardi’s response –Cardi speaks up for Offset

Cardi’s B announced her split from Offset after hearing he was trying to setup a threesome with an alleged side chick Summerbunni and her friend a Cardi copy cat named Cuban-doll.

Right now the alleged side chick “Summer-Bunni” has gone hay-wire. maybe she is trying to use this golden opportunity to get her name out there and be controversial, she is done so much crazy stuff-

first she released an apology video, crying fake tears and claiming she did not know that the marriage was serious (really girl)

Then she exposed Cardi’s best friend claiming she was also sleeping with Offset. like thats not enough she is attempting to launch her music career , and release a song about their relationship, she is also claiming to be pregnant, posting on Instagram that she has a doctors appointment ( the girl’s on fire)

Offset on his part is clearly the star performer in this whole drama- he has taken to twitter to announce he is missing Cardi+ incase you missed his Instagram apology check it out here-

Popular celebrities have weighed in T.I, 50 cents and SnoppDogg; They all think Cardi should take him back. Big yawn- a dog would always eat a bone.

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