Nigerian born CNN news anchor Zain Asher throws some serious shade at #AirNigeria

She mercilessly shredded the #Air-Nigeria situation during  CNN’s popular evening programme Quest means business.

Some sound bites

I love my country and would want a national carrier to be proud of, but it’s not going to work if we don’t address the underlying issues of governance, corruption and mismanagement

According to her, the Timing might be suspicious with a major election just few months away, this may be a political move.

It’s also been observed that there is no website,  no confirmation on whether the necessary permits have been granted, no word on recruitment and staff training.

She also talked about the issue of nepotism, Nigerians who are associated with or related to the airline officials might demand to fly for free.

She also had very unsavory things to say about her flight experience in Nigeria

According to her, sometimes Flights are delayed for an upward of three hours because the Pilot is late, and of course there would be no consequences.

She mentioned another separate incident when there was no electricity in the airport and the airline officials had to use flashlights to cross check flight details.

But the shadiest of them all was when she said that Nigerian airlines Carpool passengers if they don’t have enough customers in one flight. that means they would do multiple airport stops along the journey to drop off and pick passengers.

Zain Asher is an Enugu girl:

That explains why it may have had some difficulty finding  travel flights, Enugu State is not a commercial center.

In 2016 she returned to Nigeria for her sister’s traditional wedding.

She is also sister to Chiwetel Ejiofor Oscar nominated actor. Zane Asher and her siblings were born in England to Immigrant parents Arinze and Obianuju Ejiofor.

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