Mr P & his son do a dance off in new track “ebeano” (Lets review-Hot or just ok)

You know that saying  “The fruit does not fall too far from the  tree” well,  Cameron Okoye, son of Peter from the now defunct p square is a living proof.  Check out their dance video together

Mr P has made dance  synonymous with most of his releases: Cool it down, for my head & look into my eyes. He is very creative about the way he applies it.
But for the  first time he has merged his dance with a sound that is readily relatable to Nigerians and has a really good hook. I predict this would do very well.

There is something about the stage setting and dancers attitude  that reminds me of  Olamide’s  science student; and why is he dancing Shaku- Shaku, its time he creates some  signature dance move of his own. Forget all these Micheal Jackson steps, bring it home.

SideNote – who is winning the Solo battle, MR P or Rudeboy  (asking for a friend)

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