Most powerful Political positions in Norway are held by women

2017 is surely the year of girl power. Norway’s most influential political offices of  Prime minister, Finance Minister and Foreign Minister are held by women

Meet Norway’s most powerful politicians:

Erna Solberg: has been prime minister since 2013.  A seasoned politician and ruler, she revived the Norwegian economy that was pummeled by a slump in oil prices. She was re-elected September 11 2017 becoming the first Norway leader to earn a re-election in the last 30 years.

Siv Jensen: The country’s finance minister is described as the Margaret Thatcher of Norway, she has been the leader of her own political group (Progress party) since 2006.

She has previously contested for the top job of prime minister but lost the election. In 2013, her party formed a coalition government with the Norway ruling party and she joined the prime minister’s cabinet as finance minister

She has strong views on world issues. She believes terrorist should not be negotiated with.

During a public debate about allowing hijabs as part of the police uniform, she warned of the sneaking islamization of Norway.

Although she was once engaged, Jensen has never married.

Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide newly appointed as Minister for foreign affairs 5days ago. She was previously a lawyer before going into politics


its not unpopular to have powerful women in Norway. If feminism was a region it would reside in Northern Europe.

Popularly called the Nordic countries, the five countries that make up these region are leading the world when it comes to women equality

Sweden, Iceland, Spain, Denmark and Norway have the highest number of women in parliament.

Northern Europe were the first to give women voting rights (1906)

Women in Parliament (1970)

Paid maternity leave 49weeks

Paternity leave ( 10 weeks) because men must change diapers as well.

Gender pay difference 1dollar female, 1 dollar 50 male.

Source: world economic forum

Surprising that when it comes to gender equality, America and the UK are still leaving in the Stone Age compared to Northern Europe



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