Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy & birth Video- 7 things we noticed (watch).

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy was an unconfirmed rumor for a really long time. She did not deny nor confirm; So everyone has basically been speculating and searching for clues. Nothing. She remained absent and quite

Yesterday she broke her silence.

First she sent an Instagram post to her 102million followers apologizing for her silence throughout the assumptions. Then she followed with an 11-minute video showcasing bits and pieces of her pregnancy and birth story.

Well;our team has watched the video over and over again, her are 5 interesting things we noticed

  • She and Travis Scott are so in Love;

The chemistry, the bond is undeniable. He was there through all her maternity visits, there was one moment he squeezed her feet as they watched the baby’s heartbeat. *tears* I wonder what the Kardashian Jenner clan has with black dudes though.

Travis Scott has a sonogram of the baby’s heart beat downloaded on his phone, He was seen sharing the video with a friend. Apparently they also spent Christmas together at her home.

  • She gave it all up for the love of baby.

She put her very busy life on hold, her social media throne in jeopardy and Kylie Cosmetics just floating on for 9 months to protect her daughter.

“I knew I had to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free and healthy way I know how to. There was no gotcha moment, no big paid reveal I had planned. I knew my baby would feel every stress, every emotion so I chose it this way for my little life”- Kylie Jenner on Instagram

  • A toast to friends you can trust;

The released pregnancy video revealed that all her friends had their camcorders, cameras and other picture device. They were regularly taking videos, pictures and  recording hospital visits, but nothing leaked. TMZ and other gossip sites would buy those images for millions, yet no pictures got out… they all fell in line with her need for privacy.

Her friend Jordan gave her the first baby sneakers Nike has ever made.

  • It takes a village to birth a child

Though Kylie was carrying the baby, every family on both sides came together. In the video Kylie Jenner flew in a private Jet to visit Travis Scott family. then the scene cuts into the family home of Travis Scott with his mum, dad and sisters. she was sharing with them the sonogram photos.

On yet another scene, Travis mum cries as she listens to the heartbeat of the baby. Kris Jenner hosted a dinner inviting the entire family of Travis Scott and the entire Kardashian Jenner Clan.  Kourtney could be seen in the background, Kanye was also pictured chasing after North-west.

It was a large gathering of two families united because a baby would be born to them

  • Kylie Jenner won the Super bowl;

Super bowl is the biggest sports tournament in America. Everything about super bowl is grand- the teams that play, the commercials that show and the artist that perform the half time show. Well Kylie Jenner scheduled her announcement on the same day as super bowl.  That’s just plain shady cos now she has stolen their thunder.

See pregnancy video below.

In summary, do not try this at home – especially in Nigeria ( Being a baby Mama at 20) . Kylie Jenner’s baby is a princess – her mum and dad are rich, her aunties (Kim, Khloe , Kourtney, Kendall ) are also rich.  her grandparents have got money ( Caitlyn and Chris Jenner).

The fact that no one is saving up for diapers and formulae makes it even more beautiful. #fact . Did you see that baby wardrobe. #baby-goals.

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