Insta-millionaires! How Toolz, Toke & Bambam are building an empire on Instagram

Instagram slay Mama(s); all they really wanted was a few likes to their photos; but they got more than they bargained for. they started getting paid for product endorsements- The “instapreneur” was born.
Then one Insta queen got really smart. 20 year old Kylie Jenner is the 7th most followed celebrity on Instagram with 108 million followers , she has more followers than Lionel Messi, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

She is the first instagram user in the world to make a millions of dollars on the social network through her own product. Kylielipkits made a staggering $420 million in retail sales within the first 18 months of launch. This 2018, she is worth an estimated 50 million dollars

Inspired by Kylie, an aggressive group of “Instapreneurs” have emerged, and trust Naija no dey carry last

Toolz just launched her lingerie line Sablier on instagram; she has 852,000 followers.

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Bam Bam also launched Bam beauty oil on Instagram; she has over 450,000 followers.

Media personality Toke Makinwa launched her handbags TM mini(s) on the same social network, she has over 1. 2 million followers.

Not only has Kylie opened the doors to launching products on Instagram- her marketing and promotion style is also influencing how products are launched;

The kylie Jenner Instagram model

First she Announces the product giving a clear and proper description.Below Kylie jenner announces three new lipsticks from her collection. she usually gives about 7 days notice, telling her followers the date and time ( maybe prepping them to get their money ready)

After her initial announcements, she starts teasing with really fabulous images and pictures heightening the excitement

LOVE BITE! the perfect purple mauve. THIS FRIDAY 12pm pst.

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On the day of her product launch, she continues the tease with an hourly countdown

wearing BROWN SUGAR today. My new lip kit launching in 1 hour on KylieCosmetics.com.

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She rolls out only a limited quantity of the product to create scarcity and increase demand, in no time the product is sold out and she invites her fans to make pre-orders.

Your orders are currently being shipped #kyliecosmetics #maryjok #soldout

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All sales happen on her website, there are no stores, no sales staff, no rent cost

Our Nigerian Instagram queens have used the same method to launch their products on instagram
Toke launched her bags with a clear description and started the countdowns

Say hi to M E L A N I E TM Mini by Toke Makinwa DESCRIPTION A limited edition structured leather top handle bag from the "Babygirl For Life" collection. Made in croc print leather and gold leather trimmings. This bag is detailed to show the essence of my character; the point where the T and M design on the bag meet signifies an anchor, depicting resilience, strength and boldness. Individually handcrafted and made unique to your everyday style. A labour of love from me to you as I introduce you to the first of many to come. ❤️ DETAILS • Black Croc Print – 100% leather • Gold-toned hardware • Interior card and phone pockets • Detachable shoulder strap with adjustable 19" drop • Small size 21cm(L) x 24cm (H) x 10cm (W) • Microfiber lining with a velvet-like finish • Made in Nigeria Available for order real soon Super excited guys, there’s much more to come too. Can’t wait!!!!!! #TokeMakinwa #TMmini #Melanie #Blackandgold #character #strength #resilience #anchor #fashion #babygirlforlife #PreOrderSoon

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After her initial launch she started teasing fans with really fabulous pictures of herself carrying the bag

Yeezus X TMmini #runningaround #meetings

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Then she activated a countdown
And produced only a limited quantity: so products sell out fast, demand and a hunger for the product is created, then they would encourage pre orders.
Toolz did the same with her lingerie launch. she started a tease – “embrace your beautiful”. followed by a countdown. All her fans were fully engaged and expectant up until launch day. by the time her product dropped it generated a lot of free press among bloggers and news journals

(incase you watched Toolz video, you will notice she is not a nice girl, she covered up everything while her models were wearing just pant and bra; she should model her product for us jare)

Bam – Bam did the same with her beauty oil, giving clear description and followed by a countdown taking all her fans along with her for the ride


The next time you see a slay queen on instagram, show some respect!

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