Halle Berry’s reaction when she became the first black woman to win an Oscar for best actress in 2002  ( Watch)

For every nameless and faceless woman of color that tonight now has a chance because this door  has been opened

2002  was the first and only time a black woman has won an award for Best Actress. Lupita Nyongo, Viola Davis and other women of color has won Oscars after Halle Berry, but not for the best  actress , rather for best supporting actress

A hit movie  Monster ball was Halle berry’s breakthrough. it is a story of a woman who starts a relationship with the correctional officer that executed her husband. (Puff daddy). The movie was controversial due to the sex scene between her and Billy Bob Turnton. They actually did the deed, no film trick.

By the way, Halle berry was the it girl in the 2000(s), she was referred to as the sexiest woman alive, and was also the highest paid actress at the time. At this pinnacle of her career she was also Bond girl

Unfortunately after her Oscar win in 2002, she was unable to leverage the success to climb higher up to stardom. It was downhill from then on. In 2005 she won a Razzie award for her terrible performance in a terrible movie cat woman.

Today, she is still fairly relevant, she has her name on Hollywood’s walk of fame, occasional high profile interviews and public appearances. She even attended the very recent  Oscars after party. She has lost her superstar Mojo somewhere  between three divorces and a custody battle.

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