Falz ; This is Nigeria- 7 subtle messages you may have missed

The Rigging plan for 2019 elections have already been perfected:

A man that looks like the Kogi state Governor Yahaya Bello can be seen holding a ballot box in his hands and persuading a slay chick to give him some votes

The Fulani Herdsman sitting on the chair and playing the Guitar while close to him someone is tied up indicates that the herdsmen have settled in nicely into their choice locations in the embattled middle belt region. The residence who have lost their homes dare not challenge the herdsmen comfortable position or risk being hacked.

There is a general sense of crime and insecurity in the country: This is depicted by the constant  fighting in the background through out the video. Also note worthy is that the police also added to the chaos by constantly harassing innocent people (watch closely as SARS officials fight a man during a stop and search operation)

A tribute to the school girls in the North constantly at risk of Kidnap and forced Boko Haram marriage. 

The young backup dancers where not just making Shaku Shaku moves, they were symbolic to the Chibok girls, The Dapchi girls and the growing trend of kidnapping Northern school girls for a ransome

 A failed police and security system: They aid and abet criminals by settling cases mostly through bribes. The police who are supposed to be chasing criminals are now being chased  (closing by six for security reasons)

The growing codeine addiction among youths while the masses are distracted by frivolities like BBN

A young graduate from the University of Lagos leave school and goes straight into the budding arms of codeine addiction. As this addiction grows the video pans into the excitement surrounding the just concluded BBN contest

Nigeria cannot grow unless we overhaul our leadership– Looters and killers are still contesting and winning elections in the country

Corruption in the churches: On using offerings and tithes contributed by the congregation to start private businesses,  a good example are some of the private schools built by the church. Its so example that contributing members cannot afford to send in their schools

Nigerian democracy founded on colonial fraud;

He opens listening to a speech by Wole Soyinka debunking that we have inherited democracy. according to him- We operate a predatory colonialist capitalist system which is founded on fraud. The institutions colonialist set up was to enable them to exploit our natural resource easily.

Other obvious issues highlighted

  • Madam Philomena and the snake money eater
  • Social media trolls :Person wey no get work is checking to see if my watch is original
  • Police brutality
  • Yahoo- yahoo being celebrated
  • Electricity issues
  • bombings
  • poor health facility*



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