DJ Cuppy is “low-key” responding to all the hate she received for her track Charged-up- (See her subtle digs)


If you recall, Nigerians were completely unimpressed after she featured in Master Craft’s “Charged-up”. Many  advised her to quit music and focus on producing. others suggested she should stay backstage as record label boss, some were outright mean calling her rich and untalented.

she did not respond at that time, but her tweets and posts suggest it actually got to her, and she is low key responding;

First came the emotional outburst- subtle, no hard words, she just expressed herself

She-shared a long message on her social networks, in summary she said

She has grown from a girl with a dream to a woman with a global mission.

Her work is tough but the passion keeps her going quote “Anyone in the industry will tell you how challenging and often mentally draining our work is but I have always loved music and that pure passion is what keeps me going”

Music makes her happy, no one would deter her from her purpose.

Then she threw a light jab

Cuppy is well mannered, barely boastful, hardly talks back to haters, constantly responding to criticism with a smile. but when she posted a slay picture – ( with the famous Ote$ sign) – it was clearly a dig at people that have been coming at her.


If you don’t appreciate my music in Nigeria I have cupcakes around the world # Dubai # South Africa

At least that’s the intended message with these posts spotted below on her social messages



I think Cuppy is having fun exploring different sounds. In Nigeria we are just used to a conventional type of music. #freecuppy

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