Chioma and Davido may be having a couple’s fight- see details


Seems like Davido bought one ticket on his recent trip to “Uganda”– his side piece Chioma was no where to be found as he jetted off during the new year to host a show in “Kampala” , not only was Chioma absent from his new year gig, her Instagram page has been deleted…. We suspect there must be a misunderstanding between the love birds.

Her missing Instagram page must be connected to her Christmas Day  update – She posted to her Instagram page that Christmas was her worst day ever. According to her, after spending long hours cooking she had to eat noodles.

Just check this video posted to YouTube, Chioma was clearly exhausted after hosting Davido and friends on Christmas day

Obviously she looks very tired so that kind of collaborates with her worst day post.  Her update  ignited a media frenzy- She finally had to take down the post- it apparently received more attention than she bargained for. Right now her Instagram page @chefchi  is unavailable.

It smells like a love spat, one tired Chioma, an innocent update and everyone is suddenly fighting- am sure they would get over it. #aproko

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