Cardi B: The rise of a hood girl and stripper to billboard number 1 artist  

As at June this year, Cardi B’s humble dream was to make bill board top 10; but this September she has knocked off Taylor swift from the number 1 spot on the bill board’s top 100 with her debut hit Kodak yellow

In so doing she is the first female rapper in almost 20 years to hit the number one spot without a collabo from an established artist

The First thing u need to know about Cardi B is that she is raw, brutally honest and as crazy as it gets

Case in point see some of her quotes below:

People be asking me, ‘What do you does? Are you a model? Are you, like, a comedian or something?’ Nah, I ain’t none of that. I’m a hoe. I’m a stripper hoe. I’m about this shmoney.” – Cardi B

“A hoe never gets cold” – Cardi B

“My ass looks fake…cos it is bitch” – Cardi B

Cardi can be described as crazy, Hood, intelligent, hardworking, She also really funny

She grew up in the hood of the Bronx New York

Born to a Trinidadian mother who is a cashier and a Dominican father who drives a cab, she grew up the hard way.

In one of her Instagram videos she talked about when she was little and wondered why she did not have cheerleaders in her school and nice lockers like they did in the Disney movies.

Then she got older, she realized it’s because they were poor and lived in the hood.

As a hood girl, she got into a lot of street fights and arguments.

But she did not join a gang because her mom would have whooped her ass.

According her, her mum gave them tough love.

At 18 she studied History and French…..Briefly though.

She enrolled into Manhattan community college. She tried hard to juggle school and her job as a cashier, but it was hard.  After a distracted semester she decided that school was not for her.

She was fired from her job as a cashier and started stripping to survive

During an interview with Fader Magazine, Cardi told the magazine that when she was fired from that job, her boss suggested that she should go to the club across the street and become a stripper. She took his advice and did just that.

“I was working all week [at the market] and I still was making only, like, 250 fucking dollars,” she remembers. During her first shift at New York Dolls strip club Cardi made $300 in eight hours.

She lied to her family that she was a nanny for some rich white kids

She made quite some money from stripping, moving from her humble roots to some high end Strip Clubs.

She was not happy with the life of a stripper, she started doing music on the side to find an escape out of strip dancing

She became Insta-famous for her hilarious videos

As a high end stripper, she needed to use her social media platform to promote her strip club dance.

The objective was to stay competitive because there were so many other strippers.
But being on Instagram catapulted her into fame & fortune.

Her street, funny and brutally honest attitude earned her millions of followers.

Her videos went Viral very often. She suddenly was able to support herself with video views

Eventually at 23 she quit the strip club and focused on her Social media success.

From stripping to club Hosting

That’s the level her social media status bestowed on her. All she had to do was arrive at the club, be cute and get paid. But because she was humble she sometimes partied with everyone else.

She was a celebrity now, she kept investing in her music.

On her YouTube Videos she keeps preaching hard work and focus.

She also encourages her followers to get multiple income streams

Then she dropped her first album:

It was just a hilarious album about cheap weave

Then love & hip hop reality show came calling:

She became the breakout star of the sixth season with her fights and quirky attitude.

And just like many of her haters, she was shocked at the love and response she got from her fans

While at love and hip Hop, she dropped another album: Gangsta beach.

She left love and hip-hop in  Dec 2016 to focus on her music.

Being Mary Jane producers also came knocking

Cardi B joined the cast as a Character named Mercedes. Her character was a round the way beauty with a big weave, big boobs and a big oversized personality.

She dropped Bodak Yellow in June 2017.

It started its meteoric rise to bill board one hundred.

She said she would never truly consider herself successful until she buys a house for her family and gets them out of the hood.

Her story is so inspiring. its easy to spot the stripper and the hoe.

But many might miss the hard work and focus that got her to where she is today.

Inspiring !


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