Cardi B proves she is no one hit wonder- more hits, more chart toppers.

Billboard 100 is the charts of all music charts. it’s an honor for any artist to make it into their countdown. from Taylor Swift to Michael Jackson and Beyoncé a billboard top 10 is #musicgoals

On September 25th, 2017, Cardi B made history by becoming the first female rapper in 20years to reach number 1 in bill board hot 100 charts with no featured celebrity artist. The only other female rapper that had achieved this was Lauren Hill in 1997.

At that moment; who is Cardi B shot up in Google’s search ranking. The music world was blessed with a sensational story; about a former stripper turned reality TV star… then a billboard number 1 artist. She was and still is the rave of the moment. Her grass to grace story endeared her to millions of fans

Read about Cardi’s rise to fame  – Cardi B;The rise of a hood girl and stripper to billboard number 1 artist. Cardi b is sending a strong message to fans and haters that she is not fading away after Bodak yellow

She dropped another single (Audio only)

Bartier Cardi was released on 21s Dec 2017, a single without a video but powerful vocals. the track is growing steady and is presently number 19 on the billboard chart.

Her collaborations are also topping charts;

She featured alongside Bruno Mars in the hit track is finesse. It’s become one of the most popular track of 2018, trending not just on billboard but on YouTube with over 202 million views. Its presently number 3 in billboard 100

She featured in Motorsport, rapping alongside Migos and Nicki Minaj. For that song she is number 8 on the billboard chart ‘

No Limit- featuring G-easy, Asap rocky and Cardi B. was released in September 7 today its 13 on the billboard 100 chart

This is Cardi B’s moment, and everyone wants a piece of her. A relatively unknown Spanish artist La Modelo Featured Cardi B a Spanish song Ozuna. Though the song did not make top 20, its in the billboard chart, a feat that not many artists even Jay z can boast of.

Her videos and audio are the most featured as most popular on YouTube music; Even her Grammy performance with Bruno mars has racked up 20 million views

At some point, three of her tracks and collaborations were charted in the billboard top 10 making her the third artist to achieve this since the Beatles in 1964 and Ashanti in 2002.

The verdict is clear Cardi B is here to stay. Hot chick!

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